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Episode 84: The Power of This Podcast Will Not Be Questioned

Laughter is the best medicine, Ben credits Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer skit with adding three years to his life. He also enjoys the absurdity of a clip demanding unquestioning submission to the power of the President. Even with the real-life stress of Trump’s presidency, Ben hopes comedic therapy will yield an overall increase in his longevity. (0:40)

Ben recommends an article discussing the emergence of LawGeex, a company that built an algorithm for automatizing contract review. This review platform is just the beginning for LawGeex; over the next few years, the company is looking to “automate the entire legal world.” (3:20)

Alexis was consistently missing 4-6 Logical Reasoning questions per section. Taking advice given frequently on the Thinking LSAT Podcast, she forced herself to slow down on these problems until she thoroughly understood each one. After making this adjustment, Alexis did a Logical Reasoning section, where she finished all but the last question and only got one problem wrong. Another successful convert! (14:12)

Nisha is interested in law school but is getting frustrated with the application and admission processes. As a single mother with a career, she needs to know how to balance work, school, and her child so she asks Nathan and Ben for some clear answers. They advise her on how to prep for the LSAT, when to apply and when to wait, and how to decide which law school is the right one for her circumstances. (18:07)

A new mother writes in with a question the guys haven’t considered before—breastfeeding breaks at the LSAT. When she takes the test in June, she will still be nursing her baby and is wondering what accommodations the testing center will make for her. Ben’s wife, a certified doula and mother of four, helps this listener by talking to an LSAC rep and suggesting ways to determine her options on test day. (35:45)

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We continue working through the June 2007 LSAT with Logical Reasoning Section 3, Question 18. This flaw question turns out to be one of the trickier ones of its type, forcing the guys to discuss the answer choices in detail to find the correct one. To play at home, just download the free test; work through Section 3, Question 18; and listen in as we discuss the solution. (48:59)

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