• Ben Olson

Episode 88: Let’s Make A Deal

Unfortunately, Ben just cannot deal! Ads with relentlessly poppy, upbeat, hand-clapping music are making him want to run for the hills. And if the tune features xylophones? Forget about it. Stay tuned at the end of the show for an example (not you, Ben!). (0:25)

A BART ad in San Francisco seems to be recruiting people for their simple 5-step plan aimed at fighting President Trump’s devastating environmental reform. Step 1: read poster; 2: study for and take the LSAT; 3: apply for and attend law school; 3.5: realize that Trump is no longer in office but just keep going anyway ’cause you’re almost there; 4: prep for, take, and pass the Bar exam; 5: become an environmental law powerhouse with the clout to change policy at the highest levels. Easy! (5:55)

Cordelia, a fan of the show and of Nathan’s LSAT prep guides, asks what the improvement curve looks like for people studying for the LSAT. The guys estimate a ten-point improvement over three months of studying but stress that everyone is different and will have different results. They also discuss how many times a person should retake for optimal scores. (10:40)

Chris had a diagnostic score of 150 that, through hard work and our (priceless) advice, he turned into an official 171 on the December LSAT. He is currently in his gap year and is working as a tutor for Kaplan. Chris wants tips on bringing his score up even further toward 180, as he has decided to retake. After all, he’ll be around the LSAT so much for work anyway. Nathan and Ben agree his job could help him improve but only if he ignores Kaplan’s techniques and continues to focus on understanding the questions. (16:45)

MJ, a former Strategy Prep student, is facing an “enviable decision”: she must choose between four full-ride offers from D.C. law schools (update since recording: five full-ride offers), partial offers from other programs, and acceptance from 7th-ranked Penn. Ben thinks that Penn will open doors she might not even know that she wants to go through yet, but Nathan worries that the debt she’ll incur might force her into a big law job that she doesn’t want. Ultimately, the guys think of another outcome: MJ could try to maximize all her options. (34:40)

An update from Mr. Negotiator aka The Closer aka He Didn’t Want Us To Say His Name: He shares the offers that he’s received with his 3.8 GPA and 163 LSAT. Decent scholarship offers from Alabama and Emory turned into a full ride at Alabama when he negotiated with the schools, using one offer to boost the other. (47:45)

We continue working through the June 2007 LSAT with Logical Reasoning Section 3, Question 20, a Matching Flaw problem. To play at home, just download the free test; work through Section 3, Question 20; and listen in as we discuss the solution. (57:54)

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