• Ben Olson

Episode 89: Make a Statement wsg Gary Kinder

Vacillating in Vancouver has a dream to become a criminal defense attorney; he also has a dream of not regretting the pursuit of said dream. With an aptitude for reading, writing, and standardized test-taking, Vacillating is confident in his ability to score over 170 on the LSAT. The guys address his fears and attempt to root out their cause in the hopes of helping him make a decision. (0:43)

We continue Logical Reasoning Section 3 of the June 2007 LSAT with Question 21, a weaken problem. To play at home, just download the free test; work through Section 3, Question 21; listen in as we discuss the solution. (16:50)

Ben and Nathan interview Gary Kinder, an attorney, author, and the creator of WordRake, editing software that can improve the clarity and brevity of one’s writing. Gary talks about writing a compelling opening for your personal statement and gives tips on storytelling techniques to keep a reader’s interest. He also speaks on WordRake’s role in the automation of legal work and whether it will take jobs from the industry. Finally, Gary discusses his best-selling book Victim: The Other Side of Murder.

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