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Episode 91: “Georgetown, we have a problem.”

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Like many of you, Mark emails the show to let us know he will be taking the Digital LSAT in May. He also confirms the LSAC will allow scratch paper during the test. Good luck to Mark and all the rest of you guinea pigs; let us know how it goes! (4:45)

While attempting to register for the June LSAT, students are finding their nearest test centers are full. Ben reports that there are no openings in the D.C. area so students are traveling to Philadelphia for the test. Nathan suggests people instead get on a waitlist and then call the LSAC to see about opening more centers in their area. Prepare yourself as Ben shares a nightmarish tale of students signed up to take June test at Georgetown. (8:20)

Scrooge was thinking about taking the June LSAT, but restructuring at work, family obligations, and a busy day-to-day have left him with little time and energy for studying, so now he’s thinking about waiting until September.  The prep he has managed has focused on reading test theory and doing untimed practice tests. Nathan calls into question Scrooge’s excuses for not studying and advises/demands that he start timing all practice tests. Ben discusses the idea of stretch goals and wonders whether registering in June will be more beneficial to Scrooge after all. (15:38)

Anthony asks for clarification about something said in Nathan’s interview with Chantal Renta (Episode 86), specifically pertaining to loan forgiveness and taxes. Chantal responds to Anthony and shares depressing articles from NPR and the New York Times about what the Department of Education is doing to cut down on these “forgiven” loans. (47:30)

LOL, a 34-year-old professional speech writer in Beijing, is feeling pressure from her family to have a baby instead of pursuing her dream of becoming a lawyer. She poses questions about what LSAT score will get her into a T14 school and how long it will take for her to achieve that number. The guys discuss her issues and why some people might never reach an elite LSAT score, no matter how much prep they do. (52:03)

PDUMRN:) is an LSAT instructor with a 179 and a 3.78 GPA from a top liberal arts college. Although he doesn’t want to actually practice law, he is considering getting a JD to give him a leg up in other careers that he is interested in. He asks which top-tier schools, if any, would give him a full merit-based scholarship. Nathan and Ben list some programs that he can look into and encourage him to apply more broadly so he could use those offers to negotiate better packages from higher-ranked schools. (1:04:46)

We continue Logical Reasoning Section 3 of the June 2007 LSAT with Question 23, a Flaw question that you can solve by looking for two specific things. To play at home, just download the free test; work through Section 3, Question 23; listen in as we discuss the solution. (1:11:45)

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