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Episode 92: Student loan relief lawyer Jay Fleischman

Alert! Today’s show notes were written by Nathan, so don’t be surprised if you find them saltier and less amusing than Andi’s usual sweetness and light.

Today’s pre-show ramblings include Nathan lecturing Ben on Clayton Kershaw’s dominance and Madison Bumgarner’s motorcycle accident. Then, Nathan complains about how San Francisco is getting boring and confuses Ben temporarily regarding Bay to Breakers’ famous salmon. Next we digress into a super-timely discussion of the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake and the Bay Bridge Series. If you don’t care about any of this nonsense, skip ahead to (8:20)

Our first email comes from “George Town,” a fourth-time LSAT adventurer, on how to prep when you’ve already been at it for a year or more. George asks specifically if we know anybody who does tutoring online, and he’s in luck; we both do LSAT tutoring online via Skype and Google hangouts. If you’re interested, email ben@strategyprep.com or check out Nathan’s LSAT tutoring options and reserve a tutoring slot online. (10:30)

The discussion edges into spoiler territory as we discuss the fourth logic game from PrepTest 80–the one with the buildings. Just because it’s unfamiliar doesn’t mean it’s hard! “You just slow down and THINK about what they’re talking about,” says Ben. Nathan can’t say it better himself, but that doesn’t stop him from trying. (19:20)

Ben talks about a near miss in class. He had dismissed a correct answer too quickly, but did that mean he would go on to miss the question? Hell no. He has high standards, and he wasn’t about to pick a wrong answer. “It’s like I had a safeguard, like I had two ways of getting to the answer,” says Ben. (27:35)

Ben offers a quick tip about Reading Comprehension from Justice Alito, which kicks off some scintillating discussions about everybody’s favorite LSAT section. (32:40)

Want to do us a bigass favor? Good. Give us a rating and/or review on iTunes. Please? (40:15)

“Bertha” checks in with an idea she read about doing 30-minute sections instead of 35, to which Ben and Nathan both offer a hard “no.” She also asks about taking the LSAT in stressful and/or loud places. Again, the guys say no. There’s lots of bad advice out there, y’all! Be careful who you trust; CRBS is everywhere. Next we talk about caffeine, chocolate brownies, bacon, and the LSAT. (42:05)

Finally, Jay Fleischmann Esq. joins the show to talk about student debt, an exploding area of law. Jay practices consumer relief law in Pasadena at Shaev & Fleischman, LLP. He hosts The Student Loan Show (the podcast about student loans) and trains lawyers about this growing practice area via his Student Loan Law Workshop(“Where Smart Lawyers Learn About Student Loan Law”). (1:00:55)

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