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Episode 93: How much is LSAT improvement worth?

Today’s show clocks in over two hours. A Thinking LSAT record? (We don’t know, because we’re too lazy to look through all the past episodes.)

In the show open, Nathan talks about his upcoming trip to Europe. He has a one-way ticket to Brussels, Belgium right after the June 2017 LSAT, with no clue where he’s going once he’s there. If you have suggestions for what to see and do, please send them to nathan@foxlsat.com.

Ben reads fiction! Well, it’s historical fiction based on actual events involving 19th-century attorneys, but it’s fiction nonetheless. (Shh… don’t tell him, because I don’t think he realizes.) But do check out his book recommendation: The Last Days of Night: A Novel. Maybe it will help spark your interest in IP litigation. (2:00)

How much is LSAT improvement worth? Check out this merit scholarship matrix on the Thomas Jefferson School of Law website and find out exactly. This school is offering guaranteed tuition scholarships based on a fixed LSAT/GPA matrix. Other schools aren’t so explicit, but we can infer that similar matrices probably apply at other schools. Step one: Get the best LSAT score you can. Step two: Get yourself $100,000 or more in free law school tuition. Unless you hate money or something. (6:05)

Do you know of any other schools that publish scholarship matrices like this one? Please email us: help@thinkinglsat.com.

Whittier Law is going out of business. Sad trombone. (21:40)

Your school has a bar passage rate of 25 percent? Welcome to the world’s worst casino. (27:30)

“Brad Pitt” writes “the dudes” for tips on applying super-late in the admissions cycle, and promptly gets chastised at length. No surprise there. (29:25)

Parallel Reasoning questions: to skip, or not to skip? Nathan takes a pretty strong anti-skip stance. Ben agrees: “Go do a bunch of Parallel Reasoning questions and own them.” Yep, pretty much. They’re not that hard, once you know what you’re doing. (39:05)

“Nameless” has already been admitted to University of Chicago with a 162, but asks about retaking the LSAT in order to get a better scholarship offer. The boys speculate that a school as prestigious as Chicago might be less willing to renegotiate based on a new LSAT, but commend the effort anyway. Whatever you do, don’t swing for the fences! Play the game you actually have, not the game you wish you had. (46:55)

Jabron from the Carwash writes in again (thanks Jabron!) to ask for some clarification about accuracy targets. Do we really mean that students should shoot for “near perfection”? Yes, yes we do. (1:02)

At this point, Nathan gets tired of writing show notes. Tons of other great stuff follows, trust me!

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