• Ben Olson

Episode 95: The digital LSAT pilot is a success!

00:00:24 – We kick off the show with a comedy update about a listener who showed up for the digital LSAT pilot at the wrong time.

00:01:20 – We speculate on why the June test happens in the afternoon?

00:02:23 – We express our excitement about LSAC changes after the recent Harvard Law / GRE announcement.

00:03:20 – We admit our Yale April Fool’s Day blunder. Eff you, April Fool’s Day!

00:05:30 – Big news! The LSAT no longer carries a “three attempts in any two year period” restriction.

00:08:27 – Ben talks about a quote from a movie producer he can’t remember the name of. Basically, “success forgives past sins.”

00:11:13 – Listener Hannah reports in with news from the digital LSAT.

00:16:25 – We speculate on when the digital LSAT will finally go live. Ben says June 2018, and Nathan takes the over.

00:18:02 – We discuss our current books, Nathan’s favorite place The Last Book Store, and book clubs.

00:25:08 – We talk about how cool it is when we encounter LSAT stuff in real life. Brancusi, anyone?

00:28:56 – More from the digital LSAT with listener Jacob.

00:31:14 – We discuss potential shortcomings of the digital implementation of the LSAT. Is it solving the correct problems?

00:41:14 – How not to do reading comprehension—flagging “main point,” “key evidence,” other nonsense.

00:47:50 – Next email (anonymous)

00:52:08 – Next email (not really Brad Pitt)

01:05:10 – To recap, we have four positive reports from the digital LSAT. It’s a hit!

01:07:35 – Shall we call it a show?

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