• Ben Olson

Episode 97: Last minute advice for the June 2017 LSAT

00:02:05 – The biggest message is: You’ve either put in the work or not. “The hay is in the barn.”

00:03:36 – Don’t get caught up in “small sample” glitches—it’s more about the last 5 PTs

00:06:40 – Good lawyers never feel prepared.

00:08:33 – Go see Wonder Woman (or any movie) the night before!

00:12:05 – Don’t go to bed early the night before, and other sleeping tips.

00:16:23 – Shut it down. No more studying. Just get in a happy focused place.

00:17:06 – Exercise, walking, etc. It’s important!

00:19:06 – You will have a bell curve of potential outcomes. Prep moves the curve forward. Try to hit the middle or above of your personal bell curve—be the best “you’ you can be.

00:23:43 – This is PrepTest 81.

00:24:53 – You can have your best performance the day of the test (it’s not true that you’ll do worse on the day of.)

00:27:54 – Don’t try to score 10 points higher than you have before.

00:31:05 – If you haven’t taken a practice test before, consider withdrawing! (You’ve either done the work, or you haven’t.)

00:32:25 – Take the entire test day for you—funny stories about wild test day antics (don’t plan a college reunion the same day…)

00:42:58 – The Day of the Test; who has the most pencils?

00:43:53 – Become an observer, not a participant. Everyone there is less prepared than you are.

00:46:38 – Funny stories about test day.

00:56:56 – At any given moment, your one and only job is to focus on the question you’re working on.

00:58:29 – When they call 5 minutes, don’t speed up. Never speed up. Just go one at a time (and other last-5-minute tips.)

01:02:42 – Anticipate and embrace bad things before you even get to the test.

01:04:48 – In poker (and golf) you have to be willing to make embarrassingly bad mistakes in order to be excellent.

01:06:34 – What are some actual bad things that can happen on the LSAT?

01:08:59 – Haters of reading comp: Your test will probably have RC for sections 1 and 2. Expect it.

01:10:43 – People complain about “bad” everything. Embrace the bad stuff—that’ll be your differentiator.

01:12:42 – What to do if you get unusual games? (They’re not as hard as you think) — plan on that!

01:14:44 – Last-minute tips for each section type: What’s your plan on each section? Bullet points for RC, logical reasoning, and logic games.