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Episode 98: Pearl vs. Turd

With the June LSAT behind us, we discuss early reports from the test and dig into listener emails. Sorry for Nathan’s bad audio—he’s 1) on the road and 2) bad at technology.

00:01:03 – Russian(?) donation discussion

00:02:10 – News about the calendar changing—Six tests each year!

00:08:08 – John from Canada and a noisy courtroom LSAT experience (bulletproof coffee aside)

00:10:25 – Email 2 (anon) – 3 LR sections, and one threw me off. Should I keep studying? (probably)

00:13:08 – Some folks back out of the LSAT multiple times. Let’s not do that. Instead, get fully prepped. Once you take, go ahead and re-take until you get a score that reflects your abilities

00:15:46 – Email 3 (anon) – someone fainted in section 2, a cautionary/interesting tale

00:18:04 – Email 4 – Kevin gives an update on the test and gives a lot of specifics on the test (which we can’t talk about). LR was avg, RC was so hard, and games were child’s play with time to spare—this experience varies person to person.

00:21:21 – Email 5 from Calvin – sharing story about the June LSAT: proctors showed up late

00:22:22 – Lots of reports that the games were really easy. Are they trying to balance out the test, or conspiring to drive more law school applications?

00:26:42 – Email 6 – Rachel just completed all episodes of the podcast, and showers the guys with praise

00:30:00 – Email 8 1/3 – Ryan – wanting to know if law schools look at double major GPAs as cumulative or individual.

00:35:43 – Email 8 2/3 – Will passing the patent bar help Ryan during the admissions process?

00:37:01 – Email 8 3/3 – Is a 170+ realistic when Ryan struggles so much during RC? Some RC section tips—take it slower, skip a passage, contemplate more during the test—the answers are not fuzzy.

00:44:17 – Email 9 (anonymous) 3.0 scholarship renewals—the difference between high school and college GPAs vs law school GPA. The 3.0 renewal can be seen as a moneymaking technique by law schools that bet on students losing scholarships after year 1 or 2. Is it worth it to proceed after losing the scholarship (considering a lucrative opportunity to work in the family practice awaits)? —It’s not a bad idea to drop out after 1L if you’re not killing it.

01:05:12 – Doubling down on Wonder Woman recommendation

01:07:28 – Email 10 (anonymous)—using a highlighter to draw a games board, so if you need to erase your pencil markings, the board stays, and you won’t need to re-draw. Pearl of wisdom, or turd of wisdom?

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