It’s Like Eating A Mirage (Ep. 124)

Nathan Fox's headshot.

Even though the weather is giving him a rare break from the icy cold, Ben is in the depths of grade-school bureaucracy. But that doesn’t stop the guys from finishing—that’s right, finishing— responding to the backlog of listener email.

3:00 – Email 1—Ravinder wants to know how much donation payola would they (or the Thinking LSAT community) need to donate in order to have the guys cover some fresh LR questions on the show. Ben does some quick back-of-an-envelope math to figure out what LSAC would charge, and the news isn’t great. Alas, Ravinder, covering one question would be pricey, and that’s IF LSAC would permit such coverage on a podcast. Chances are, LSAC doesn’t even know what a podcast is, so we’re not too optimistic about the prospect. Ravinder goes on to say some kind words about the show and how adopting Thinking LSAT pearls of wisdom has improved their score by a bunch.

11:54 – Email 2—Liz is busy studying—really, really intensely studying—for the LSAT. And she wants more resources but she’s strapped for cash. She’s purchased 40 practice tests and a number of books, including Nathan’s Introducing the LSAT, and now she wants to know how to make the most of the resources she does have. Take untimed sections and then move to timed? Learn all the question types before diving in? What to do? The guys weigh in with advice on how to best study, and what to do with those 40 tests in the six months leading up to the June LSAT.

24:59 – Email 3—A splitter writes in with a 2.92 GPA and 173 LSAT score. Their question is simple. What are their chances of getting a seat at a top school, even if it’s full price? The guys direct our split friend to the LSAT GPA calculator, which will give you all the info you need.

27:43 – Email 4—How apropos, dear listeners! A surprise email catches Nathan and Ben mid-show about the very topic of acceptance rates for splitters. They too had a sub 3.0 GPA and a 170+ LSAT score. And guess what—they’re doing pretty well. Acceptance at Georgetown and UVA (congrats, anon!), and scholarships up to 100% at other schools. Pretty great, right? Anon’s message to all those splitters out there is to stop worrying, and start working towards your best LSAT score.

With that in mind, the guys come back to our Hopeful Splitter in Email 3 and let them know how to best spend the next 9 months before applying to law schools in the fall.

33:39 – Email 5—Remember Splitty from the last episode? The one with the wildly fantastic resume? Well they write in to let the guys know what they think about the guys poking fun at their life. Plus, Ben and Nathan share some thoughts on how to streamline your resume.  

38:03 – Email 6—Trace is gearing up for the February LSAT. And they’ve got some questions. One: on the games section, they want to know what the guys recommend when tackling a rule substitution question. Two: Trace has been practicing one section per day and one practice test per weekend, but time is getting short ahead of the February test. They want to know if mastering the hardest LR questions will help them improve on LR overall. The guys dive into rule substitution questions and weigh in on what Trace should do regarding LR. They also have a lively conversation about ice-cream flavor superiority.