All Systems Nominal (Ep. 129)

Ben Olson's headshot.

Nathan is back from his trips to Portland and then San Diego, but the guys have seen brighter days. Ben is braving the wind from the storms in DC, and cold rain followed Nathan up and down the west coast for all of February. Still, the guys are ready to take on your LSAT questions. But first. The news.

Listeners in the SF Bay area: Nathan is holding a 3-weekend course in San Francisco starting March 10. If you’re interested, make sure to head over to to sign up! And for Fox LSAT students in LA and SF, Nathan’s going to offer additional online help on Thursday nights so students can drop in and ask quick questions between classes.

As a friendly reminder—you can now find us on YouTube and can contribute to the show via Patreon. And perhaps most exciting, the Thinking LSAT Facebook page is really taking off. All over the country, sprightly law-school hopefuls are gathering to talk about the test, meet up for study sessions, talk shit about the roughest questions, and more. It’s grand. Won’t you join us? Just refrain if you’re a Russian spy bot. There are some important survey questions between you and this veritable LSAT oasis—so make sure you answer if you want entry.   

7:31 – In true LSAC fashion, the organization sent an overly long email to deliver some simple news. It turns out that you will now only be able to cancel your LSAT scores online. But here’s the deal, ya dummies: don’t ever cancel your score; it’s just not worth it.

20:02 – From one of Nathan’s favorite news outlets, Above The Law, comes a story out of North Carolina. It turns out North Carolina Central University is taking a stance on who they admit to their law school. They will no longer accept applications from folks who score less than a 142 on the LSAT. So don’t bother applying to NCCU if you have a 141. In fact, maybe rethink going to law school at all. The guys discuss the ins and outs of this decision and what it might tell us about NCCU.

30:47 – A Twitter user following the Thinking LSAT Twitter account asks how the Thinking LSAT duo met and started the podcast. The guys tell the tale! It doesn’t involve friendly banter over a pint of halo top. No. It begins with a phone call about some of the best LSAT prep resources available…

35:00 – Email 1—Marjory, who wrote in last episode, was surprised to learn that the guys aren’t familiar with the term “basic bitch,” and sends the gents some reading materials. Nathan sets the record straight and the guys briefly confer on this basic adjective.

36:16 – Email 2—Kayla’s mom has got it going on. She is an ardent listener of Thinking LSAT, but we don’t exactly know why. Kayla is studying to take the SAT. Nevertheless, her mom has gleaned nothing but pearls of wisdom listening to show after show. Nathan and Ben invite her to explain why she’s listening to a show about the LSAT on the Facebook page.

38:06 – Email 3—The guys receive a personal statement draft from “Bug Guy Marco,” who invites them to shred it on air. Thanks for sending this in, Marcus. It’s a bold move! Nathan and Ben take the draft sentence by sentence and provide constructive criticism the whole way through. Tune in for some helpful tips on compelling ways to craft your statement as well as a list of personal-statement no-no’s.