Espousing a Bevy of Promulgations (Ep. 139)

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Is it spring fever, or is Nathan just plain ill? The guys get back to their regularly scheduled Thinking LSAT programming, but Nathan’s been sleeping 18 hours on end trying to get rid of the stomach flu. But guess what, dear listeners. He hasn’t cancelled an LSAT class. In fact, he’s never cancelled one due to illness. And neither has Ben for that matter. Can you just imagine learning the LSAT from such determined dudes? Well guess what else. You don’t have to imagine. Because it’s what they do…all. the. time. You can take classes or private tutoring with Ben and Nathan. Just check out Ben’s work at or Nathan’s at

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OK. Time to dive in to some of your burning questions.

3:55 – Email 1—Ding ding ding ding ding! Virginia has been granted double time accommodations to take the LSAT. She received confirmation within 48 hours of her application, which is awesome because boy does she need it. As someone diagnosed with narcolepsy, it’s extremely challenging for Virginia to make it through tests without taking rests or breaks. Still, she was surprised at the ease with which she obtained full time and a half. The guys discuss their thoughts on why Virginia was granted accommodations so quickly, and how double time might be a double-edged sword.

8:47 – Email 2—After listening to recent episodes where the guys have discussed accommodations, Alex decided to apply for extra time. Several years ago, he suffered a traumatic brain injury, and he recently submitted the proof of diagnosis to LSAC. He did not have any sort of accompanying note from a physician. Instead, he just put forth the years-old diagnosis and was granted time and a half overnight. Now that he’s got extra time, he wants to know if his daily practice should increase time to 53 minute sections rather than 35 minute sections. He also asks if this warrants a change in his strategy for LR. The guys weigh in.

24:07 – Email 3—Welcome to another exciting episode of Nathan and Ben Shred the Shit out of Your Personal Statement! You guys dig this segment, and so do we. So we’re happy to oblige. This week, Eve asks the guys to read his personal statement about battling hate speech with positive free-speech activism. As always, Ben and Nathan rip it to tatters for your entertainment, and more importantly for your edification.

1:06:22 – Email 4—Mr. T is off to a pretty great start. He’s starting off with a cold timed diagnostic of 161. Pretty badass. But his major hang ups happen in the Games. He’s missing a bunch of questions in LG compared to the rest of the test. He’s wanting to know how to best review missed Logic Games questions. The guys discuss Mr. T’s approach and offer some advice on how to get through this section with accuracy.