Dueling Degrees (Ep. 140)

Nathan Fox's headshot.

Ben’s been experiencing some near-biblical weather patterns out in Virginia and Nathan’s staying dry in sunny LA. The guys chat about the weather and Nathan tells us approximately how long it would take you to shuffle every permutation of cards in a standard 52-card deck. Plus, the guys answer some listener mail, including an inquiry from Pakistan, a question about boosting scores, a question from a paralegal wondering about dual degree programs, and more.

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14:58 – Email 1—Mohammed writes in from Pakistan – a first for the Thinking LSAT podcast! Thanks for writing, Mohammed. His current GPA is a 2.8 and he’s starting in the 140s. He has a number of questions about making it into a decent law school in the US. The guys dish up some hard truths for Mohammed. He’s got an uphill battle, but improvement is possible with a lot of studying and hard work. Plus, you can always try and secure a full ride scholarship to Thomas Jefferson.  

36:13 – Email 2—Corey’s had some awesome success using Nathan’s Logic Games Playbook. He’s gone from 50% accuracy to getting 0-3 questions wrong per LG section. Pretty badass, Corey! Now he’s got Nathan’s Logical Reasoning Encyclopedia on the way. But while Corey waits for the book, he’s got a burning question. He started at a 155 and is hoping to push well in to the 160s before attempting the June LSAT. And now he wants to know how he can maximize his chances to get into a good law school on a full-ride scholarship. The guys share a few thoughts, but the pro tip for Corey? Just get the absolute best LSAT score you can—shoot for a 170 if you really want to get the admissions staff to turn their heads.

43:03 – Email 3—Latte has a few questions about dual-degree programs. She’s currently enrolled in a two-year paralegal studies program at a community college which has given her some insight to what a career in law might look like. And she digs it! (Latte recommends this to folks considering life as a lawyer). But she’s a bit confused about her future. As Latte looks ahead to her bachelor’s degree, she’s considering studying sociology OR economics with the hopes of later getting a dual JD-MSW or JD-MBA degree. Latte loves the idea of helping the poorest in our society gain access to quality legal counsel. But she also likes money. The two seem at odds. But can they be reconciled? Latte wants to know what sounds like her best option at this veritable fork in the road. Are dual-degree programs a good idea? The guys weigh in.

1:05:02 – Email 4—Avery’s working hard to improve his LSAT score. After a cold diagnostic in the 150s, he’s been studying and reviewing as the podcast recommends. And guess what. Now he’s pushing into the 160s, but he knows he has room for improvement. His RC scores are all over the place. Sometimes they’re awesome, and sometimes he misses a bunch. By contrast, his LG scores are very consistent, but he only makes it through a few of the games. The guys jump in with some helpful advice on how to improve accuracy in RC and improve speed in LG.