An explosion went off (Ep. 142)

Nathan Fox's headshot.

The June LSAT is right around the corner and Nathan and Ben have an action-packed show for you. Get ready to get up close and personal with Ben’s awkward gym interactions and road rage. Hear about Nathan’s recent move. And most importantly get ready to receive the full details on the Thinking LSAT prep class in New York, New York. That’s right dear listeners. This July you could hang with the guys in the city that never sleeps and do some home-stretch brushup ahead of the July LSAT. But the goodies don’t stop there. Ben and Nathan will be offering a kick-ass Thinking LSAT personal-statement review package for a very reasonable price.

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Tune in for all this and, of course, a bunch of listener mail. As always, you guys can meet up with your comrades in studying for the LSAT over at the Thinking LSAT Facebook Group. Grab a ton of helpful LSAT prep materials from Nathan and Ben. And, if you feel so inclined, show us a little love over on the Thinking LSAT Patreon page.  

15:03 – Email 1—Remember Eve from a few episodes back? The guys read his personal statement and, as per usual, ripped it to shreds. Well he writes in with an updated personal statement and a bunch of gratitude for the Thinking LSAT crew for lending a helping hand.

16:10 – Email 2—Past correspondent, Tino, writes in with an update on his admissions cycle. It looks like he’s headed to George Mason with a $15,000 living stipend. That’s pretty freakin’ sweet considering Tino’s a Green Beret and will be attending law school for free courtesy of the G.I. Bill. Ahead of the application cycle, Tino dished out nearly $4k to a consultancy that helped him craft his personal statement. He wanted to give you dear listeners a taste of what professionally constructed personal statements are like, so he sent it in. The only thing is…this personal statement is more a steaming pile of horseshit than a good piece of writing. Tino, we’re glad you’re headed to law school on a stipend, but damn. The guys share some of Tino’s final document and talk about the new Thinking LSAT personal-statement service.

32:39 – Email 3—Hot steamy summer nights. An FBI investigation. Corrupt Arab officials. And a GPA that fell from grace… Yeah. You get it. Right? Or maybe you’re just as fucking confused we are. Devil writes in with a wild and rambling and vague tale that seems to explain why he exhibited poor grades and dropped out of college. But honestly, we have no fucking clue what’s going on. Still, the guys give Devil some advice on what to include in his personal statement and his addendum, and where his crazy tale might fit in.

42:18 – Email 4—Andy’s getting pumped up for the June LSAT. But the weekend before, he’s got a big work thing. And while he’s got his relaxation planned out—hello, nature hike and massage—he wants to know how much continued prep he should do. Does he take a whole ‘nother practice test and cram through the weekend? He also wants to know if he should go ahead and sign up for the July test as well, even though it’s kind of expensive. Ben and Nathan weigh in with some pro tips on how to handle the days leading up to the LSAT, and share what they think about the July exam.

1:00:40 – Email 5—Laura discovered the show in February and promptly dumped her studying materials at the time. Since, she’s been following the Thinking LSAT prescriptions of 35-minute sections, review, and full tests on occasion. But she’s kind of bummed. She’s only seen her average score move by around 4 points. So she wants to know what she’s doing wrong. She’s not really seeing a ton of movement, or any movement, or DOWNward movement from test to test. We’ve all been there, Laura. And that’s the point. 4 points is a decent improvement, and this. stuff. takes. time. Nathan and Ben don’t have any pro tips for Laura, other than to roll up her sleeves and grind it out.

1:18:20 – Email 6—Bob writes in to let the guys know that, hey, there IS another school out there with a scholarship matrix. It’s the Western Michigan University Cooley Law School. And damn. You could get 75% tuition with a 149 LSAT score. Pretty great. The guys talk about Cooley and who might consider going, but they talk far more about the double spaces after periods in Bob’s email.