Ben tries Halo Top (Ep. 146)

Nathan Fox's headshot.

Ben’s back from the beach and guess what, dear listeners. He’s brought a pint of black cherry Halo Top with him. You’ll get to hear him experience this frozen substance while Nathan chows down on some actual ice cream. But before the grand experiment, the guys talk about their upcoming Thinking LSAT live class in NYC on July 14-15. They deliver some updates on the Thinking LSAT Facebook group, and talk about the Thinking LSAT Patreon community. And of course, they dive into a ton of listener mail.

6:58 – Hang on to your hats, dear listeners. Ben Olson experiences Halo Top and hilarity ensues.

14:20 – Email 1—Thomas, from the last episode, writes in to school Nathan on the salutation, “VR.” For all you wondering out there, it means “very respectfully.”

14:58 – Email 2—Do you ever find yourself worrying about how many times you’ve taken the LSAT? Well, Calvin took the test four times after taking Nathan’s online course and doing private tutoring with Ben. His scores? 166, 167, 166, and then…drumroll plssss…..173. Congratulations, C. That’s rad. See, dear listeners? Taking the test multiple times can give you the opportunity to ramp your score by six points or more. Enjoy UMich in the fall, Calvin!

24:18 – Email 4—Scotty G. doesn’t see the point of languishing away in law school for three years. I mean. Who wants to listen to boring lectures after boring lecture and then risk not even passing the bar. He thinks it makes more sense to do a part time program and save money through law school, or conversely to find an accelerated program. He wants to know what the guys think about 2-year programs. Nathan and Ben opine.

32:17 – Email 5—Nick is eyeing law schools for the 2019 school year, but he’s got a quandary on his hands. He’s got two schools in mind, and they’re in different states. On one hand he could head to law school right after undergrad and get it over with. On the other hand, he could wait until he moves to another state and attends a school in that location in order to better his chances for local job placement after law school. He asks the guys – what the hell should he do? Ben and Nathan weigh in.

37:12 – Email 6—Get ready for a sort-of-rapid-fire question round with long-time listener Ezra. After turning the guys on to the LSAC career-opportunities page, Ezra fires off a bunch of questions about how best to study for the LSAT, how best to apply to law schools, and how best to pick law schools. The guys answer, begrudgingly. But not before they talk about the LSAC Director of Customer Delight.

1:00:29 – Email 7—Whoah. Rapid-fire-question round deux. This time with Bernard. Bernard received a pretty disappointing LSAT score last December and applied late in the cycle with a relatively low GPA. Still, he was admitted to a handful of schools, and one even offered him a 50% scholarship. Bernard is wondering if he should take this tempting offer, or hold out for something better. The guys give Bernard a healthy dose of get-off-yer-ass-and-study and steer him WAY clear of accepting a disaster scholarship.

1:18:52 – Email 8—Despite English being her second language, Hiiiiii has scored in the high 160s on the LSAT. Pretty badass. But she’s concerned that her hopes of attending a top 14 school for free will be dashed! She’s heard that international students do worse in every application cycle because law schools (and employers) are worried about visa issues. Plus, she fears she won’t get the financial support she’ll need to come ‘cross the pond. While the guys aren’t sure about the visa issues, but they give Hiiiiii some hope about her law-school prospects given her elite scores.