Perceived vs. Actual Value (Ep. 150)

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The guys are here for the second time this week with a BONUS episode. Why, you might ask? Because Nathan and Ben are freakin’ amped up from the Thinking LSAT class in NYC. So much so that they immediately scheduled another one to go back for more. Join them August 25-26 for the next Thinking LSAT live LSAT prep class. Sign up here.

Today, the guys settle in for an episode of law school news and listener mail. But not before talking about a host of wonderful things. Learn about the guys’ preferences for noise-canceling headphones. Listen to Nathan give Ben some motorcycle-shopping advice. And hear about the lawn-maintenance guy outside Nathan’s window over the steady noise of a gas-powered leaf blower. Plus, Ben makes a few personal announcements.

19:08 – Email 1—If you can remember way back to episode 61, then you’ll remember 15-year-old college senior, Seth Harding: otherwise known as Doogie Howser, JD. We get an update from Seth who catches the guys up on his experiences during 1L. Unsurprisingly, Seth says that he’s matured a little. Nathan and Ben guess that’s kind of what happens when you get your driver’s license…

30:21 – Quick news update. It looks like Cornell and NYU will now allow students to apply with GRE scores. That means that nearly half of all law schools in New York will accept your GRE or your LSAT score in your law-school application. Cornell went one further and announced they’ll take your GMAT scores, too. The guys conclude that these schools are so hungry for applicants that they’re really opening the floodgates.

31:15 – Drumroll, please, dear listeners. It’s the 2018 Pearl-in-the-Turd rankings! A few of you go-getters out there submitted new PIT rankings since U.S. News and Above The Law recently released their 2018 law school rankings. And gee, there sure are some surprises. The guys go through and discuss what law schools are a great value, and which you should steer clear of.

41:48 – Email 2—Nathan and Ben read a correspondent’s GPA addendum and give some advice on how you should approach this document. The pro tips? Keep it short, and stick to the facts. Like, just the facts. Seriously.

47:50 – Email 3—Deacon writes in to add some flavor to the phrase “slow is smooth, smooth is fast.” He also gives the guys an alternate meaning for the acronym IDGAF.

51:52 – Email 4—Susan get’s pretty fucking anxious about the LSAT. It’s bad. Like, the kind of shit where she dreams about showing up pants-less to the test. In fact, when she last sat for the test, she blacked the eff out during the first entire section. Doesn’t remember a thing. Thank goodness it was, you know, the experimental section. But still, she just can’t shake this thing and asks the guys for advice. She’s also been debating with friends—is it better to go to a T14 and pay just a little more, or not pay at all to go to a…lesser law school. Like, if you’re not going to go to the top, is it worth it? Ben and Nathan discuss.