The Man with the Kind Eyes (Ep. 156)

Nathan Fox's headshot.

Nathan is buzzing, fresh off the recent Thinking LSAT live class in NYC. Ben is pumping the AC to combat the suffocating summer heat. And the guys have prepped an action-packed show for you, dear listeners. During this show, the guys: share their plans for the next Thinking LSAT Live, give an update on the LSAT Demon, talk about a last-minute scholarship offer from Barry Law, rip up a personal statement, take a look at a GPA addendum, and much more, including fielding a question about whether it’s smart to write about using psychedelics in your personal statement. It’s a lot to cover, dear listeners. We know. But let’s be honest. In today’s world are you even going to remember what we said we were going to talk about and then check and see if we did just that? Didn’t think so. But we do promise entertainment, infotainment, and sweet sweet LSAT prep help.

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05:24 – The guys give an update on their LSAT-prep AI platform, the LSAT Demon.

07:33 – Have you been jonesing to join the guys for a Thinking LSAT Live course, but just couldn’t make the long haul to NYC? Well, you’re in luck. The guys’ LSAT prep weekend course is moving westward. Tune in to hear more details about Thinking LSAT Live: Chicago on October 20th and 21st.

10:55 – We’re quickly approaching the 2018-2019 school year, and boy does Barry Law have a deal for you. In a desperate attempt to fill a few more seats, they sent out an email about a last-minute scholarship opportunity…for THIS YEAR. While the email’s difficult to follow, it basically sounds like you can pay them whatever the hell you want and get a slipshod law education. The guys take a look at the email and speculate what it means for Barry Law.  

17:14 – Email 1—Stone writes in to ask whether it’d be smart to share his experience using psychedelics in his personal statement. The guys offer a resounding “no” through their fits of laughter.

23:11 – Email 2—If you’re applying to law school, you’re probably pretty concerned about how you’ll come across as an applicant. And Molly is no exception. She’s bullish on her chances at getting into a T14 school, but she wants to make sure she looks like a desirable applicant every step of the way. She withdrew from taking the LSAT last year because she didn’t feel prepared—will that look bad? She’s thinking about writing a diversity statement due to her hearing impairment—is that a good idea? She’s getting her resumé in order—should she leave off work that isn’t relevant to a career in law? The guys weigh in to set Molly at ease.

27:33 – Email 3—Brandon’s got $1,000 burning a hole in his pocket, but he wants to spend his money wisely. He asks the guys to pitch each of their respective LSAT prep courses and to include a comparison to other LSAT-prep companies like 7Sage. Nathan and Ben agree that if you try their free courses—here’s Nathan’s, and here’s Ben’s—you’ll get pretty good idea of what it will be like to learn from them. And you should simply choose whose teaching style helps you understand the material.

30:59 – Email 4—A 3.73 GPA. A 177 practice LSAT score. Seems like Ezra has it all. And he’s earned it through a lot of hard work. Ezra’s been keeping track of his LSAT practice-test progress and posted a graph of his results over on the Thinking LSAT Facebook Group page. But you know what he doesn’t have? A bangin’ personal statement. Ezra asks the guys to read and pick apart his personal statement. Ben and Nathan oblige with all the trimmings of their brutal, oft hilarious, critical style.