Bad LSAT Score? How to Move On. (Ep. 161)

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Did you have a September crash? Or have you otherwise had a disappointing LSAT performance in the past? You know, the kind where you have a 10-20 point drop from your practice test scores? Well, the guys talk about how to move on from a tough score and get ready for your retake in November. They also walk you through one of the most common LSAT questions by answering a flaw question from the June 2007 test. Plus, they roast a listener essay and some law school snail mail. But before all that fun stuff, Ben talks about his baller status on the courts and Nathan reveals his deep love of D&D.

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14:13 – Here’s where the guys dive in and talk about what to do if you had bummer results in September. The pro tip is this: if your test is released, like the September test was, make sure you review your LSAT just as you would any of your practice tests. Really dive in and see where you had trouble. And consider a private tutoring session to give you a new perspective on the test as you move on to prepping for the November LSAT.

19:52 – Faulkner University is getting…creative? Megan received some interesting snail mail from their law school and posted it to the Thinking LSAT Facebook group. The mail included an image of a business card sporting the name of our listener among other accoutrements, as if to say “you can be a fancy lawyer and even have a business card like this one day! Come to Faulkner!” The guys call BS, but give the school props for thinking outside the box.

23:44 – Florida State University College of Law is also into sending weird shit to students. Andrew received an “incoming class profile” from the school to give him an idea of what his classmates would be like if he chose to go to FSU. But their choice of statistics was a bit wonky to say the least. For example, bragging that 85% of the class have parents who are lawyers? The guys share some of the other laughable advertisement attempts in this class profile.

26:32 – The guys dissect a flaw question from the 2007 LSAT. Tune in to learn how to process a passage line by line and find holes in the argument. This particular question type is one you’ll see on nearly every LSAT, and once you can spot it on your own, it’s like free money.

40:44 – Girl writes in to invite the guys to roast a “Why X?” law school admissions essay. This go ‘round it’s UC Irvine. Aside from a personal statement, they request that you send them 350-500 words on “why Irvine?” and “what are you gonna do for us?” The prompt asks like three different vague questions, which makes it difficult to have a razor-sharp response, but Girl does her best. The guys rip it up in familiar fashion and offer Girl some advice on how to better shape her response in the second draft.