Difficult Conversations (Ep. 163)

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The guys are amped up for their Thinking LSAT Live Course in Chicago. And to Nathan’s chagrin, he’ll be packing some heavier garments in preparation for the freakin’ snowfall they are likely to encounter in the Midwest. But by the time you’re reading this, the live class will be over and all the fun will have been had. Still, there’s plenty of excellent LSAT treats to glean from this episode. The guys review an email eff-up from Penn State Law. Then, they dive into a bunch of personal statement topics, like do you really need to include a reason WHY you want to go to law school in your personal statement? After, they review two very different personal statements back to back. Finally, the guys bring you the latest news from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, they ponder the rather curious motto of the ABA, and they discuss an interesting fashion trend.

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9:38 – Email 1—Penn State Law had a little bit of a technologie faux pas when they sent a recent email to prospective students. A lil’ snafu, if you will. They effed up the mail merge, and instead of addressing the email to each person’s name, the email was just like, “Dear {FIRSTNAME}…” Kind of funny, no? But while the guys can forgive a little digital mix-up here and there (nobody’s perfect, y’know?), they can’t forgive a bunch of law school reps fucking up the English language. So the guys, of course, rip this bad boy to pieces.   

16:27 – Email 2—Do you neeeeed to put the reason why you want to go to law school in your personal statement? I mean, like, really, really need to do it? Anon’s heard conflicting advice from some of her mentors and professors. Plus, she says she doesn’t really have a deep-seated reason for wanting to go to law school—and she doesn’t think you need to have one either! The guys discuss when it’s a good idea to do the “why law school” thing in your personal statement. They also agree that while you don’t need a deep dark reason to go to law school, you really should have a meaningful one.

23:12 – Email 3—“Can you please read, and destroy, my personal statement?” No sweeter question hath ever been asked, dear listeners. Auggie is an ardent follower of the show. Hearing the guys smash up other personal statements helped him as he crafted his own essay. Auggie asks the guys to put his writing under the microscope to see if their influence will help him forge a stronger statement. Ben and Nathan oblige.  

54:53 – Email 4—Hold on to yer hats, dear listeners. Buckle up. Strap in. The moment has come. Nathan and Ben share a personal statement that comes from the Thinking LSAT Personal Statement Review service. And holy shnikes it’s awesome. The guys read through the latest draft of this rock solid essay; they share some thoughts about what makes it a strong document and how the statement evolved through the editing process.