Conditional Reasoning is FUNdamental (Ep. 181)

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Ben’s been getting better rest, and Nathan’s been playing golf with his best friends in some terrible weather conditions. And today? They get to dive into IF/THEN statements and conditional reasoning in this week’s LSAT FUNdamentals. So naturally, the guys are in excellent spirits. Plus, Ben and Nathan smash through more than a dozen listener questions in the first Thinking LSAT Facebook live stream. It’s action packed. It’s all LSAT. Welcome to episode 181.

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4:05 – Each week, Ben and a team of developers march toward LSAT perfection by continuing to add features to the LSAT Demon. This week, Ben shares what the team has accomplished in the latest dev sprint, including:

You can now flag a question to review later—great for working with a tutor.You can now remove questions from your study history—useful in the event you accidentally submit an answer you weren’t intending.The timed RC and LG sections are now available! There are a few bugs that have yet to be worked out, but if you take the section from start to finish, you should be pretty much in the clear.

Finally, we created a Slack group for the Demon! If you’re a subscriber, you should join the group and join our conversation. Keep an eye on your inbox for the invite.

10:21 – Ever since kicking off Thinking LSAT Live in NYC, the guys have been busy giving talks around the country and meeting you in different cities to talk, think, eat, sleep, and breathe LSAT. Here are a few upcoming events where you can connect with Nathan, Ben, or both!

2/25/19 – Nathan will be giving a talk, Big Changes to the LSAT: 2019, at Santa Clara University TONIGHT at 7:10PM. Get information and tickets here.

3/11/19 – Nathan will be talking about changes coming to the LSAT this year again. This time at UC Berkeley—7PM sharp. Get information and RSVP here.

3/17 – 3/19/19 – The guys are hosting their next Thinking LSAT Live in Las Vegas. And it looks like we’ll have a special guest to talk to y’all about hustling your way up the legal-profession ladder: Rachel Gezerseh of episode 178 will be joining us. Come to Vegas and get your spring/summer LSAT prep on! Get information and enroll here.

12:02 – It’s that time again, dear listeners. Nathan and Ben combine their years of experience teaching the LSAT to create a Voltron-like force for your lawyerly minds. You guessed it: it’s LSAT FUNdamentals time. This week, the guys dive into one of the most common things you’ll see in LR (and throughout the LSAT)—conditional reasoning!

The guys break down conditional reasoning questions. They tell you how to identify and understand every aspect of an argument that uses conditional reasoning. They discuss the common pitfalls students make, like confusing sufficient for necessary or vice versa. And they offer a ton of examples to help you better understand this type of argument. The bottom line? Once you know the sufficient-necessary concept (and pitfalls) so deeply that you can create correct and incorrect examples off the top of your head, you’ll be in a great place to attack any conditional reasoning question on the test.

54:09 – After 180 episodes, Nathan and Ben have decided to up ante. This episode, the guys experiment with conducting a Facebook live stream during the recording of the show. And it turned out great despite a few technical snafus. Y’all showed up with tons of great questions about the LSAT and the live stream turned into a rapid-fire Thinking LSAT. The guys field well over a dozen questions about all things LSAT and cover topics like the essay portion of the test, GPA addendums, when do you just give up when you’re not seeing results?, live vs. online prep classes, time management during the test, and much more. Tune in to hear the guys drop LSAT pearls of wisdom in real time.