Last Week Before the LSAT (Ep. 185)

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They may be fresh back from red-eye flights and late-night ragers, but they’re also fresh back and fired up from a weekend in Vegas. The guys fondly reminisce about their weekend, which included a backstage tour of Love courtesy of one of our dear listeners. Today on the show, the guys crush another LSAT FUNdamental, cover what to do on the day of the test, give you the lowdown on a school willing to pay your LSAC fee, and last but not least offer up some morale boosters for those of you who get down when you crash and burn on a bunch of questions. Plus, you’ll hear from everyone’s favorite comedy writer, dean Faigman of Nathan’s alma mater.

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2:13 – Upcoming Events

Get the latest LSAT news and hang with Ben and Nathan IRL at upcoming events at your school or in your neck of the woods.

30 March – It’s the March LSAT. Are. You. Ready?!

8 April – Nathan is giving a talk at UNLV about changes coming to the LSAT

14 April – Nathan and Ben will be at UVA to talk about changes coming to the LSAT

19 April – Those of you who are sitting for the test in March will see how you fared. It’s score release day.

23 April – Nathan talks changes coming to the LSAT at Seattle University

4:46 – Are you a badass wordpress expert? Do you think the Thinking LSAT website looks like someone put spit-shine on a geocities blog? Well HOOK US UP, people! The guys make a plea to y’all in hopes of finding someone who can spruce up the Thinking LSAT home on the web. Do it for free, or send us a pitch…please!

5:39 – LSAT Demon Update

Ben gives an update on everyone’s favorite AI LSAT prep platform, the LSAT Demon. Many of the updates we’ve covered over the past few weeks have gone live. Plus, the team continues to make the timed sections smoother.

7:12 – LSAT FUNdamental: Day. Of. The. Test.

As of this airing, there are five days left until you sit for the LSAT, dear listener. And the guys want to equip you with everything you need to get ready during this final week. In your last few days before the test, the guys recommend scaling back and winding down. You’ve been preparing and working hard for the upcoming test. Now it’s time to declare victory, and accept that you’re ready. Maybe do some light studying for the test—answer some questions, use the demon, but by Thursday and Friday? No. more. tests. Nathan even suggests going to the movies on Friday to stay relaxed and get your mind off the test. The guys also offer a bunch of practical tips for the day of the test. Here are a few takeaways:

  • It’s time to slow things down
  • Start scaling back your studying
  • Declare victory over the test and tell yourself ‘you got this.’
  • The worst thing that can happen is that you don’t get the score you want and you need to take the test again. You don’t need to judge yourself.
  • Print your admissions ticket out before Saturday, and READ it so you know what you can and can’t bring to the test.
  • Get to the testing location with plenty of time, but hang back and get in the room later.
  • Look for the most nervous people in the room to calm your nerves
  • DON’T cancel

45:11 – Emory Law

Emory Law is sending out some fee waivers. Based on the email, the guys aren’t sure whether it’s Emory’s application fee OR LSAC’s report fee. But the important thing to know is that this shit can get expensive, and colleges will waive these fees. So make sure you ask.

47:16 – Email 1

Judy’s bummed out. She’s studying. Hard. And she’s not seeing any progress. In 2017, she put a 164 on record (not too shabby, Judy!), but she wants to improve. She’s been studying 30 hours a week and hooking up three—count ‘em: three—sections A DAY and reviewing. But she’s still stuck in the 160s. She wants to know what gives. Plus, she’s finding that her discouragement is becoming a bit of a howlround. If she gets a question wrong she gets seriously bummed. Then she gets even more bummed because she thinks it’s unreasonable to get bummed in the first place! The guys opine as to why Judy hasn’t seen the progress she’s hoped, and offer some advice about keeping a more positive mindset. The pro tip? Take it easy on yourself. Do fewer sections. Fewer questions. And try to really, really understand the error of your ways during deep review.

1:10:19 – Pearls vs. Turds

So far, there’s just one pearl in the bank y’all. Otherwise? It’s a pocket full of turds.

Yep. I just made that saying up. What now?!

11 turds. A handful of ties. And one GD pearl. Today’s wisdom was emailed to a listener. And what is it, you ask? The “advice” is that if you cannot score over 155, you should not apply to law school. The guys throw this piece of wisdom roundly in the “tie” category. This advice doesn’t sound all that different from things the guys have said on the show before. Nathan and Ben qualify how this advice should be tweaked to be true…but it certainly isn’t “pearl” status.

1:14:53 – The guys read through one of dean Faigman’s long and meandering emails, unable able to get through it with straight faces. UC Hastings is in hot water again as their US News ranking slipped another year in a row. Faigman wants to assure the Hastings community that all is well, and that the future is bright! But the guys aren’t convinced. Tune in to hear the email that caused Ben to describe Faigman as “a poet,” and a guy that’s “always digging his own grave.” Classic.