Craig Conover and Reading Comprehension Question Types (Ep. 186)

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Nathan and Ben have been crazy busy leading up to the March 2019 LSAT, but they each take a brief pause from their wild schedules to drop some sweet pearls of LSAT wisdom on y’all. Today the guys do one last LSAT FUNdamental for Reading Comprehension. They take a look at RC strategy and offer a deep dive into RC question types. Plus, Ben and Nathan interview Bravo TV personality, Craig Conover about his life as an actor, lawyer, and entrepreneur.

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April 8 – Nathan is talking changes coming to the LSAT at UNLV

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6:32 – LSAT Demon Updates

In a mere five months all LSAT exams are gonna be digital, dear listener. You’ll be tapping your way into law school on a pane of glass. And Nathan and Ben are here to help you get prepped. With the LSAT Demon you have access to a cloud-based prep platform that learns your skill level and challenges you with the questions you need to improve. Since last week, Ben shares that the dev team is focused on making it easier to review timed sections. They also worked on a fix for Apple users. Nathan talks about one of his favorite new features, “Jump to Explanations.” And the guys reveal that they’re on track to meet their May deadline to make the “full test” feature mirror the actual digital LSAT you’ll start seeing this summer. The guys also talk about the Demon Slack channel, the benefits of the platform, and share some feedback from users.

12:50 – Pearls vs. Turds

A listener writes in with their own piece of LSAT wisdom. They recommend that test preppers set aside an hour of review for each section they take. While the guys agree that most folks studying for the test do need to do more in-depth review, they’re not sold that an hour is the perfect prescription for everyone. So they deem this otherwise good advice a tie.

26:05 – LSAT FUNdamentals: RC Question Strategy

The guys do a final deep dive on Reading Comprehension. They talk strategy and discuss the question types you’ll see when you hit this section. The pro tip for RC? Read carefully. It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how hard it can be simply to understand the passage as you’re reading it. And be able to describe what the author thinks in your own words before taking a look at the answer choices. Here are some key takeaways:

Make predictions throughout the passage and revise: Predict. Revise. Repeat.Don’t just read and translate the passage—think ahead and guess what the test might ask.Be able to paraphrase what the author wants without re-reading the passage.Look for inaccuracies and discard answer choices immediately.Don’t get caught up in question types—many are far simpler than you think.

1:15:11 – Interview with Craig Conover 

So a pillowmaker, an actor, and a lawyer walk into a bar…but it’s the same. effing. dude. Nathan and Ben interview Craig Conover, of Bravo’s Southern Charm. They discuss his experiences in law school, his aspirations as a lawyer, his memory of the LSAT, and much more.