Desert Island LSAT (Ep. 191)

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5:48 – Bad Reviews

At long last, the guys pry open the lid of iTunes, hack through the stacks of glowing 5-star reviews, and check out the dank and sad corner of 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star Thinking LSAT reviews. Nathan and Ben read some sour takes of folks with sour grapes about the show. Are the guys just blatant opportunists, preying on 1L’s-to-be? Do they neglect to actually cover the hard-hitting topics that matter to LSAT takers, like the actual fucking questions on the actual fucking test? Tune in to hear the gripes of your fellow listeners and hear what the guys have to say for themselves.

As always, if you like the show and you want to get more from the Thinking LSAT community, check out the links below. You can connect with other folks studying for the LSAT, and get more useful resources from Nathan and Ben.

Thinking LSAT Facebook Group

Instagram (upcoming events)

LSAT Demon

Strategy Prep


Personal Statement Review Package

21:58 – The Writing Sample

The writing sample, like the rest of the LSAT, is going digital. And the guys have been getting a bunch of questions about it. Lots of folks are wondering: if they’ve taken an LSAT before and done a pencil-and-paper writing sample, do they need to do the digital one? The answer is no. But the guys talk about why you might want to do one anyway.

27:51 – Prepping for 1L

Adam writes in and asks about getting ready for 1L this fall. He’s taken the LSAT. He’s been admitted to law school. Now he’s ready to crush classes about contracts and torts and everything else. But he wants to know about life after the LSAT. Should he just circle back and start doing 35-minute sections to keep his mind sharp for law school? Nathan and Ben give that plan a big thumbs down. It’s time to move on, Adam, and get ready for that reeaalll law shit. Here are some resources the guys recommend to set you up for this fall.

Getting to Maybe

Check out hornbooks examples and explanations (here and here’s another, and another)

Look into Bar prep materials, like Adaptibar

Law school toolbox and Girl’s Guide to Law School from Allison Monahan

See what Rachel Gezerseh has to say

Books by Jeffrey Toobin, like The Nine

Make sure you seek out old tests from the classes you’re taking

DO THE READING for your classes

40:24 – 2007 LSAT, Logic Game #2

The guys dive in to LG #2 from the 2007 LSAT. They walk you through creating worlds, and show you how you can begin to solve for the game often from the first sentence. Ben and Nathan also talk about common first questions for ordering games, and discuss why, if you get the setup correct, you can smash through the questions in order rather than jumping around.

1:08:50 – Pearls vs. Turds…?

Just a week ago, Ben came across the Instagram account LSAT Learning Objectives and saw a post titled “Fact of the Day.” And this, dear listeners, is how the guys got their fodder for today’s Pearls vs. Turds. LSAT Learning Objectives argues that people spend too much time trying to understand the test, and not enough time on freakin’ practice. They say that you basically have to break your brain, unlearn the shit you’ve spent a lifetime learning, and rewire yourself to think—not like most people—but like the LSAT. The guys give this the ol’ “not so fast” treatment and bust it up before tossing it in the turd bin. Tune in to hear why this piece of advice gets a thumbs down from Nathan and Ben.