Logic Games Home Runs (Ep. 193)

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Did you know that if you sort through all of the possible outcomes of any given logic game, it’s likely that you’ll be lookin’ at less than 18 possible outcomes? Not that many, right? And when you know all of the outcomes of a game, chances are you can slay the questions. In this episode, the guys get gnarly with Logic Game 4 from the June 2007 LSAT. They make worlds, they split worlds, and then they split the splits. It gets wild. They also share an email from a law school who wants you to apply to the school so they can give you admissions advice (ummm…insert crying while laughing emoji, pls). Lastly, you’ll hear about the latest from the LSAT Demon, AND you can get a first look at the new Thinking LSAT website. Happy (Logic) gaming!

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Important Dates

6/3 – The June LSAT

6/4 – Registration cutoff for the July LSAT (SIGN UP! This puppy is a freebie, and you can cancel your score AFTER you see how you did…)

6/27 – June scores are released

7/15 – July LSAT

7:17 – Email 1

Alana received a rather amusing and ingenious email from Wash U. Turns out they are writing folks and offering FREE* law-school-admissions advice. Of course, they mention, it sure would be easier to give you said advice if you actually applied to Wash U. so they can review your application documents during the consultation.

The guys half love this slick move by Wash U, but they’re also hearing Admiral Ackbar issuing a warning from the cosmos. On one hand, this move basically starts a negotiation with Wash U. You apply to their school. You get a one on one with their staff so you can feel each other out. Pretty cool so far… But their free advice will probably leave you with some warm and fuzzies about Wash U., increasing your chances of actually attending the school if you get in. On the other hand, whether or not you go to Wash U., you are getting advice from admissions officers who will probably share a valuable perspective on your admissions docs.

We’d love to hear about this experience if any listeners dare to give it a try…

23:08 – Logic Game #4 from the June 2007 LSAT

Wood. Tin. Glass. Plastic. Service centers…Strategy…We know. You might be thinking, like, “What is this? Some kind of ‘in-the-city’ version of Settlers of Catan?” The answer is ‘no,’ dear listeners. No it is not. It’s merely the fourth and most challenging logic game in section one of the 2007 LSAT. And the guys dive in with great relish. They get to work dismantling the game for you. Along the way they talk about worlds and how they can help you hit logic-game homeruns. But they also offer tips on how to approach games in a variety of ways. They point out that if you hone these skills, they can make you a game destroyer. You know, one of those “largest army” or “longest road” types. Break out yer pencils and scratch pads and follow along as the guys shred this game in real time.