Law School for Free (Ep. 195)

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Some will be pumped, basking in glory and achievement, and some will be sad and destitute—wallowing in disappointment. It’s the June 2019 LSAT, and some of you will have just taken it! Congrats to putting this test behind you. And for the Thinking LSAT crew this only means one thing—the July LSAT is nigh! To get you prepped for next month’s test, the guys read some detailed news about the digital rollout from LSAC, they get you pumped up about going to law school for free with some updates about the scholarship offerings at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, and they cover the rest of Logic Game no. 3 from the June 2007 LSAT. Plus, you’ll get to hear an interview wherein LSAT Demon contributor, Max Youngquist speaks with a law-school applicant in Spain about using the Demon to supplement LSAT tutoring.

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6/4/19 - Last day to register for the July LSAT

6/27/19 - June scores released

7/15/19 - July LSAT

8/1/19 – Registration deadline for the September LSAT

8/28/19 – July scores released

9/21/19 – September LSAT

2:34 – Notice from LSAC

Are you curious about the July LSAT? It’s only a landmark test from LSAC. It’s only the rollout of the digital LSAT with crazy rules like the ability to cancel after you see your score. So if you have questions about it, that’d be pretty normal. The guys have covered this test a lot on the show and on college campuses across the country, but LSAC just dropped some more knowledge regarding this test. Tune in to hear the guys deconstruct a lengthy and verbose email from LSAC. Turns out, it’s going to be a longer waiting period to get your results back from July’s test, which will overlap the last day to enroll for the September LSAT. Translation? If you’re thinking about taking the September test, sign up before the deadline because you won’t have your July results in time to make your decision.

12:27 – Pearls vs. Turds

Straight from the heart of the ‘gram, the guys review a piece of LSAT advice born of social media. You know. Think Bane talking about being born in the darkness—I WAS BORN IN IT! As a result, the advice is kind of eye-catching, like most things on Instagram. But, perhaps also like many things on Instagram, Nathan and Ben deem it a turd—flashy, but not too helpful. Tune in to hear more.

21:04 – Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Remember our old friends over at Thomas Jefferson School of Law? For those of y’all just tuning in, good ol’ TJSL has a notoriously awesome (by Thinking LSAT standards) JD Scholarship policy. In fact, it’s so good that they guys are kinda like, “if you can’t get a full ride to TJ…you should seriously consider your decision to become a lawyer.” Well, dear listeners, TJ’s at it again. They’ve updated their scholarship program to include a LIVING STIPEND. That’s right. Not only can you get a full ride to TJSL with relative ease if you score in the 150s, but if you score a 159 or higher and have a 2.5 GPA or higher, they’ll pay you $1,350/mo. to attend. That’s pretty badass. And the news only gets better. TJSL is invested in you passing the California Bar exam. As a result, they offer for credit Bar prep courses for 3Ls. All this adds up to a pretty bonkers deal, making TJSL a killer safety school for almost anyone. Check out their ABA 509 report here.

30:37 – Interview: Max and Isaac talk LSAT tutoring with the LSAT Demon

The LSAT Demon isn’t just an awesome platform for studying for the LSAT while you’re riding a bus, taking a train, or sitting at a traffic light. Nope. It’s also a great tool for helping students in a tutoring environment. Demon contributor and LSAT tutor Maxtalks with Isaac about the benefits of using the Demon as a tutoring tool, and how it works especially well for remote students by giving you a new level of visibility into your students’ work and thought processes.

42:58 – Logic Game 3 from the June 2007 LSAT

Back in Episode 192 Ben and Nathan completed the setup for Logic Game #3 from the June 2007 LSAT. Now? They’re ready to smash through the questions. Listen as the guys do just that. They move through each question step by step, using the groundwork from the setup to slice and dice their way to the correct answers.