LSAT Retake Limits (Ep. 198)

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In 2017, LSAC lifted the limits on how many tests you could take—giving all test-takers carte blanche to take the test as many times as they needed to get the score they were after. But now they’re changing course again. The guys take a look at the new “retake” policy so you can put a new LSAT strategy in place. The guys also take a look at a listener’s personal statement, and jump in to the first LR question of the December 2013 LSAT. Plus, you’ll hear about how Nathan lost all sense of space and time on a recent boating adventure.

June 27 – June scores are released via email

July 15 – It’s ye olde July LSAT

August 1 – The last day to sign up for the September LSAT

August 28 – July scores are released via email

September 21 – The September LSAT

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4:19 – Demon Updates

Ben and the rest of the LSAT Demon team have been hard at work and they’re getting ready to roll out some new features. First, when you log in you can now upgrade to Premium. What’s Premium, you ask? Premium gives you access to all of the most recent tests. So if you’re itching to have the latest tests to practice with, or you just feel like you need more out of the Demon, this is for you.

The team is also working on a feature that will enable you to join groups and take a practice test that simulates an actual test day. You’ll log in, join a group, and be greeted by a proctor who will control the timer and will move you through a full test. Nathan and Ben are checking in to a live proctored practice test on Sunday, June 30. If you want to take it, email to RSVP. And if you’re not a Demon user? Now’s the perfect time to sign up for a 7-day free trial so you can join in on the fun on 6/30.

8:02 – LSAC Re-take Update

The LSAC is changing their policy with regards to how many LSAT attempts you can make during your lifetime, dear friends. It’s only been a few years since they created a policy under which you could take the test as many times as you damn well please. But clearly that hasn’t worked out for them. Nathan and Ben work through the veritable Logic Game of an email that LSAC sent to decode the changes. Here’s the skinny on the new policy—you can:

Take a maximum of 3x tests in a year

Take a maximum of 5 or 6 times in the past five years (the email isn’t clear)

Take a maximum of 7x tests in your lifetime

Only score 180 one time—then ya done!

The new policy begins on 9/21/19! Happy testing, y’all!

18:09 – Personal Statement Review

Sabrina writes in and asks the guys to “destroy (her) self esteem” by annihilating her personal statement. The guys oblige, but it’s not to destroy your self esteem, Sabrina! It’s to help you improve your chances of being heard by those pesky college admissions staffers. Luckily, Sabrina’s personal statement has a ton of great content, and the guys deem it among the best ever submitted to the show. Tune in to hear her work, and the recommendations the guys offer to improve it.

44:21 – Practice Test 71, Section 2, Q1 of the December ‘13 LSAT

LSAC has recently made the December 2013 LSAT available to all. And you know what that means, dear listeners: a whole new test for the guys to burn through on the show. They jump in to the first LR question in section 2 of the test. Nathan and Ben read through the argument and break down their thinking about the question as they zero in on answer.