The Best of Thinking LSAT (Ep. 200)

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Wow. We made it. 200 Episodes. Two…hundred…episodes! Did y’all think we would ever make it this far? We sure didn’t. The guys thought they’d be cashed in by now, snacking on bagel chips and real ice cream on some exotic sandy shore. But then…the work of LSAT prep is never really finished, is it dear listeners? The guys settle in for a little trip down memory lane in this very special 200th episode. Goggles down. Sharpen your pencils. Strap in. And listen back to some of your favorite moments from the last 100 episodes.

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7:28 – Digitally Proctored Practice LSAT

If y’all want to get a jump on the September test, or want to do some last-minute prep ahead of the 7/15 LSAT, Nathan and Ben are holding a digitally proctored practice LSAT on Saturday, 7/13/19. If you want a practice test that simulates actual test-day conditions, this is about as close as you can get. You’ll log in to the LSAT Demon (start a free trial here if you aren’t subscribed), you’ll join a digital classroom with other would-be test takers. You’ll hang out in heightened anticipation. And then the proctor will give you instruction and start your test. The proctor will control the timer in your LSAT Demon and will guide you through the test just as if it were a real test day. Come get some almost-real-world practice on Saturday!

14:31 – The Best of Thinking LSAT

For the 200th episode of the show, the Thinking LSAT team wanted to take stock of all of the great moments from the show over the past couple of years. The guys asked y’all to vote on and submit the advice you valued, the moments that made you laugh, and the personal statement roasts that made you think twice about sending your first draft to a law school admissions staffer. You did not disappoint. Here are the clips they dive in to:

14:38 – Ben looks back to episode 100, where he imagines the inner workings of the LSAT Test-Writers workshop. Get ready for Ben’s “LSAC voice,” which catches Nathan totally off guard.

16:25 – Nathan reminds Ben that he once had dreams of opening his own law school. The guys roll a bit from episode 101, and wonder aloud what a truly useful law school would look like.

25:47 – Not all law school hopefuls have a success story. But the best part about failure is that something better usually awaits on the other side. The guys revisit some advice they gave to a listener back in episode 112. Their pro tip? As always, don’t go to law school unless you really know what you’re getting yourself into. And unless you have a good reason, you better not be paying for it.

35:44 – Some of y’all may remember the Waitlist King from episode 143. This listener launched his score from 144 to 170 and found himself on the waitlist at Harvard, Columbia, Chicago, and Stanford. The king started to have second thoughts about heading to Stanford, however, when he received their botched “waitlist” email, which the guys go on to roast thoroughly.

45:10 – Some longtime listeners may remember Nathan’s campaign to tear down Halo Top fake ice cream, otherwise known as the “purveyors of pints of sadness.” In this clip from episode 146, Ben tries Halo Top while Nathan eats his own delicious ice cream treat.  

52:54 – Nathan introduces Thinking LSAT’s most infamous personal-statement teardown. It’s “The Man With the Kind Eyes” from episode 156. If you haven’t heard this episode, get ready for a hall-of-famer, dear listeners. This goes down in Thinking LSAT history as among the best worst personal statements the guys have ever read.

1:05:58 – The guys take a look back at when LSAC first announced the transition to the digital LSAT, which happened just before episode 162. Of course, it wouldn’t be an LSAC announcement if it didn’t come in a poorly written email, and it wouldn’t be an episode of Thinking LSAT if the guys didn’t rip it to pieces.

1:15:48 – Our trip down memory lane ends with some solid advice from episode 175. Nathan and Ben do a deep dive on reading comp—how they think about RC and what they’ve found to be most helpful in their years of teaching.