Digital LSAT Tips for Suckers (Ep. 205)

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We’re in the heart of summer, and things are heating up for Nathan and Ben. Ben’s been hard at work adding features to the LSAT Demon and improving user experience, and Nathan’s been working hard to improve his golf game. The guys take a break to dive into some LSAT updates for you, dear listeners. The guys give some digital LSAT updates, take a look at some pretty wild claims from PowerScore (about their own book series), they read a diversity statement from a listener, and unravel another LR question. Happy listening, and stay cool under the sun, y’all. 

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Important Dates

8/28/19 – Y’all July test takers will get your scores in your inbox

9/21/19 – It’s the September LSAT!

3:51 – Announcements

Announcement 1: Are you a jet-setting law-school hopeful thinking about taking the digital LSAT in another country? Well think again. It turns out that outside of North America, the LSAT is exclusively administered as a paper test! So make sure you pack your pencils with your passport. 

Announcement 2: If you’ve taken the digital LSAT, or even if you haven’t, you might be wondering: what’s the deal with the writing sample? It’s pretty simple y’all. If you want to apply to law school, you need to have a writing sample on file. That means you have to have a writing sample you’ve completed when taking a paper test—OR—you have to have an electronic sample completed via LSAT Writing. Don’t fret, tho. The writing sample is really no big deal. The guys talk a little bit about how to “prepare” for LSAT Writing. 

8:33 – LSAT Books for the Digital LSAT

Nathan received a rather amusing email indicating that all previously published versions of the PowerScore LSAT bibles were “rendered obsolete” now that the digital LSAT is the norm. The guys wonder if this is a cheap play to spur new-edition book sales (most certainly), or just a considerate way to help you fuel your summer bonfires.  

16:28 – Condescending Explanations!?

The guys have received some “constructive criticism” pointing out that some of the answer-choice explanations in the LSAT Demon have a rather condescending tone. Nathan explains this aspect of his approach to the LSAT, and basically says, you know, why not call BS on these totally BS answer choices?

27:32 – Pearls vs. Turds

4 Pearls. 16 Turds. 10 Ties. That’s the scoreboard for Pearls vs. Turds, dear readers; it’s the weekly segment where the guys weigh found advice from the field against their combined decades of LSAT wisdom. This week? Someone on a Reddit board totally destroyed their LSAT cold diagnostic with a score of 166. They nailed RC, had a pretty good run in LR, but predictably bombed LG. On Reddit, they asked for advice, and someone indicated that to improve, the test-taker would need to buy and read LSAT prep books in order to “improve their precision.” The guys put another notch in the turd column and trash this awful advice. 

38:20 – Diversity Statement Review 

Listener Josh writes in and asks the guys to review his diversity statement from his law-school app. He shares his story of growing up homeless and how he ultimately overcame adversity to go to college and give back to his community. The guys review the diversity statement and offer Josh some pointers to strengthen his essay.

1:00:57 – Logical Reason Question #8 from Section 2 in Prep Test 71

The guys tackle yet another LR question from the December 2013 LSAT. Check in as they explore a very hypnotic question.