Showing, not Telling, with Peanut Butter (Ep. 207)

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As the school year draws nigh, law schools are singing their siren’s song to try and lure 1L’s-to-be to their campuses. The guys take a look at a few law-school emails to see how these universities are pitching prospective students. Plus, the Nathan and Ben review a personal statement, and look at some questionable advice about timing yourself during LG sections. But before they dive in, the guys have a lil’ chat about the books they’re reading. 

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Important Dates

8.21 – It’s six days ago, we know. But July LSAT scores were released via email!

9.10 – It’s yer last chance to register for the October LSAT.

9.21 – The September 2019 LSAT

6:26 – LSAT Demon Review

Anonymous writes in to tell a tale of discovery. In the spring, they took the LSAT after prepping with Khan Academy and PowerScore. They walked away from that test rattled by how underprepared they felt. But no sooner had they sat for the test than did they find this here podcast and learn of the LSAT Demon. They started taking the pearls of wisdom here espoused and just took the July LSAT with renewed confidence. They write in to tell their story and thank the guys for the help. Thanks for writing, Anon!

11:02 – Pearls Vs. Turds

One of your fellow LSAT preppers has been using LSATMax to get ready for the test. According to LSATMax advice, you shouldn’t “worry about timing” for any section EXCEPT for LG sections. For games sections, the advice is that you should time yourself and “rework the ones you don’t finish in time.” Tune in to hear the guys discuss the nitty-gritty of this advice and learn why they end up giving it a tie. 

19:55 – Southwestern Teams Up With Blueprint

Listener Josh received an email from Southwestern Law School inviting him to a weekend of LSAT tips, tricks, and other hijinx with LSAT prep company Blueprint. The weekend promises to help disentangle and un-confuse folks about the LSAT, and give people a sense of what life in law school is like. The best part? People who attend will get a $400 discount on Blueprint LSAT prep courses. The guys pick their way through the email and point out that a $400 discount means that the profit margin for those classes must be pretty high. So if you’re paying full price, you’re probably subsidizing the education for other folks in your class.  

24:27 – ASU Releases Its JD Application

Cue the newsroom music y’all. It’s another email alert from a law school! This time? It’s from Arizona State University College of Law. They want to let everyone know that their 2020 JD application is available!! Nathan points out that it seems like applications were released early this year and the guys briefly discuss whether you should re-apply if you’re currently deep on a waiting list for 2019. The guys analyze the offer put forth in ASU’s email. Turns out there’s no application fee and there’s a $500 travel reimbursement for admitted students who want to visit. They remind y’all of an important fact: if you apply to ASU, you’ll still need to pay the LSAC fee…that is unless you make sure to ask them to cancel that fee, too. 

41:11 – Personal Statement Review

Brandon asks the guys to review his personal statement. As a law clerk, he’s gotten some experience chasing down leads and adding to case files for the benefit of his clients. But does his personal statement do his story justice? Tune in to hear the guys skewer the essay in true Thinking LSAT style.