LSAT Demon Study Schedule (Ep. 213)

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October is here and the guys are getting pumped up for their return to the city that never sleeps. And they’re not the only ones who are getting jazzed. It looks like this will be the biggest Thinking LSAT Live Class yet. But we’re still a week away, so the guys channel their LSAT energy to answer your questions and to bring you the hottest headlines from the wacky world of LSAT. Ben and Nathan talk about how to shift your thinking around LR and RC questions, they uncover evidence of paper tests being offered for the October LSAT, they consider some advice overheard at the September LSAT, they look at how one disgraced law school is goosing their Bar-passage rates, and more.  

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Important Dates

10/11 – Law School Forum in NYC – LSAC is hosting a Law School Forum in NYC on 10/11-12. If you’re coming to Thinking LSAT, Live! you can, catch day one of this event, where you can meet with and learn from representatives of over 100 law schools. It’s a cool thing to check out if you’re around. 

10/12-13 — Thinking LSAT Live NYC Class

That’s right! Ben and Nathan are back in the Big Apple for a weekend of awesome LSAT prep. The cost for the class is $395 for the weekend, but there are significant discounts if you use the LSAT Demon. If you’re a Demon subscriber, you get $200 off, and if you’re a Premium Demon subscriber, the weekend class is only $95. Check out more information here.

12:08 – Demon Review and LR Question

Xander writes in with an enthusiastic review about his experience with the LSAT Demon and with Ben’s classes. Endowed with Thinking LSAT pearls of wisdom, he’s worked his LSAT score up from a 148 to a 160 (way to go, Xander!). He wants to push his score by another couple of points and asks the guys if they have any “tips” for thinking about LR and RC sections differently. Nathan and Ben oblige after a mini chastising for asking about “tips and tricks.”

21:17 – Paper Test Blues

LSAC continues to shock and mystify. It turns out that they’re offering a Paper LSAT at a testing center in NYC for the October LSAT. “Why?” you may ask, “I thought they were through with that paper BS!” Well, dear listeners, we certainly don’t have any answers for you. The guys read through an email that LSAC sent to an October test taker informing him that he’ll be taking a paper test in a few weeks. Cray, right? The guys speculate as to what might be going on and discuss whether LSAC’s grand idea to ship tablets to and fro is finally catching up with them. 

26:44 – The Thinking LSAT Study Schedule

Olivia’s new to The Demon and she writes in to ask the guys about an ideal study regimen. With a cold 157 on record, she’s hoping to push herself into the high 160s (at least!). Ben jumps in with the following prescription: 

Day 1: Drill questions and review (for about an hour)

Day 2: Take a timed section and thoroughly review

Day 3: Work your way through the course available to Demon Premium users

Weekend Day: Take a full test and review

Rinse, rearrange, repeat, go wild. Doing some mix of the above for your best hour or so each day will get you ready to smash up the LSAT.  

30:52 – Overheard LSAT Advice

Deeba recently sat for the September LSAT, and like so many of you, she has no idea how it went. Still, she had good vibes walking away from the test center. What she didn’t have good vibes about was all the crackpot LSAT advice she overheard during the test day. She shares some of the tidbits from LSAT eavesdropping, and the guys happily debunk most all of them. 

39:49 – Career Changing Law-School Hopeful

Sean the Engineer positively hates his job. He’s worked as an engineer—successfully—in many roles and for some time. But damnit if he doesn’t fuckin’ hate it! Now he’s dreaming of law school and he asks the guys if it’s a good idea for him to uproot his life and family for this new dream. Nathan and Ben scheme of ways for Sean to absolutely not go to law school, or a few ways he might consider trying it if he decides to—get ready for a badass engineer pun—cross. that. bridge. 

1:01:47 – Florida Coastal School of Law Lawsuit

It looks like Florida Coastal School of Law is allegedly goosing their Bar-passage numbers and now they’re getting sued for it. Apparently, they hold a Bar prep class for all law-school students. But if the students fail to do well in the class, they get failed out of the damn school. That’s one way to prune the tree! But now they’re facing many problems. Check out the article, courtesy of listener Abigail, here

1:05:25 – LR Question 11 from Practice Test 71, Section 2

Ben and Nathan dive into the next LR question from the December 2013 LSAT. And boy is it a smoggy one! They take a look at an argument about pollution in the city vs. the country and then they slice and dice their way through the question and answer choices. Tune in for an in-depth look at this LR question.