No More Logic Games?! (Ep. 215)

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The guys are riding high after their Thinking LSAT Live! classes in NYC. But since they’ve been away, some seriously interesting news about the LSAT has surfaced. According to a recent Above the Law article, the Logic Games may be going the way of the dodo. Plus, LSAC is planning some updates to make your testing experience even more perfect than it already is. The guys cover the latest LSAT news, plus they answer some of your questions about the LSAT Demon, LSAT burnout, and more!

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4:45 – An LSAT Demon App?!

Julien sends in a question that we know is on everyone’s minds. Sure, the Demon is great and all. But y’know what would be even better? An APP. The current version of the Demon is a browser-only experience, and offers a pretty great mobile experience, but hey. We get it. Apps are “in.” The answer is yes. There will be an LSAT Demon app. But for now, we’re working on LSAT Demon v2.0, which will fix a host of bugs and stability issues experienced by some users. Once we’ve got a rock-solid Demon 2.0, we’ll shift our focus to app-town.

7:34 – Pearls vs. Turds

Craig’s got some LSAT wisdom he wants to put past the guys’ smell test. Does it smell like a pearl from the briny deep? Or does it smell like you accidentally stepped in it? Craig says that if you find yourself drawn to the wrong answer more often than not, that you should try doing a gut check on the answer choices. If your response to the answer choice is “ah-ha!,” you’re probably barking up the wrong tree. But if your response is “no duh!” you’ve probably got yourself a winner. The guys lament having to toss this one in the turd pile, but it just doesn’t hold up. Tune in to hear the guys talk about how correct answers can make you have an “ah-ha” experience.

16:17 – LSAC Update: Are Logic Games Going Away?!

A recent BOMBSHELL article from Above The Law indicates that everyone’s favorite section on the test—the logic games—is going away in the wake of a legal settlement between LSAC and a legally blind law school hopeful. The guys take a closer look and are pretty skeptical about whether LG is going away. The reality is, if you’re planning to take the LSAT in the next 2-5 years, you’re probably going to see an LG section. It’s gonna take LSAC at least that long to find a challenging alternative—if they provide an alternative at all.

27:44 – Digital LSAT Freedom (Almost)

Law:fully. That’s the name of LSAC’s blog. It’s a pun. Yes, it is. But is it a good pun? We’ll leave that for you to adjudicate on your own time, lawyer—or not lawyer-to-be… Regardless of whether or not you find the name clever, LSAC recently posted a (pretty fuckin’ hyped) blog about changes coming in the wake of the less-than-smooth digital LSAT rollout. The new freedom level unlocked by test-taker complaints? You’ll now be able to change the viewing angle of your tablet to…many different angles. And that’s not all. The guys cover the “high points” of this very perfect blog article in the usual Thinking LSAT style.

43:47 – LSAT burnout

Larissa’s having a tough time studying for the LSAT. She’s got a good study schedule—an hour a day and a bit more on the weekends—but when she gets home from the workday and gets around to studying, she gets frequent headaches and is pretty beat. She asks the guys what to do in the face of LSAT burnout. Nathan and Ben weigh in. The pro tip? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or sick, or bummed out by the LSAT. Take a step back. Take a break. Reconsider whether you want to do this! If the answer is “yeah, I still wanna read and advocate my ass off in law school and beyond,” then consider shifting your study hour to earlier in the day. Maybe before you head to work when you’re fresh. You want to give the LSAT your best hour of the day. If law is going to be your life, it’s worth it.

47:26 – Paper Test Update

Kendall sends in a quick update. She, like some other listeners, was given a paper test in September. The guys consider why this might have happened, and talk about the benefits and drawbacks of doing the test the old fashioned way.

***accommodation letters that say your test will be digital could be wrong***

49:46 – On Reading

If you’ve been listening to the show for a while, you’ve probably heard Ben mispronounce a word or two. It’s no secret. Ben has trouble sounding out words if he hasn’t seen them before—even if he knows what the hell the word is. Katie writes in to share an article about how fewer and fewer children are being taught to read “the right way.”

55:08 – Personal Statement Review

It’s that time again. A bold and brave listener sent Ben and Nathan their personal statement to review. The guys take a look at Kristen’s personal statement about handling sponsored giveaways at major sports games. And while Kristen’s writing is pretty great, the story isn’t quite as lawyerly as the guys would like to see. They offer up some feedback in a line-by-line analysis of the essay.

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