Introducing LSAT Demon Live (Ep. 240)

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Since the new coronavirus has ushered us all indoors, almost all learning is happening online—that includes getting prepped for the LSAT. In this episode, the guys give you the low down on the latest addition to their online LSAT prep platform: LSAT Demon Live. Plus, Nathan and Ben field a bunch of questions from students wondering how to handle the fact that the spring tests are being cancelled. The answer? Maybe just keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing all along.

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Important Dates

April 25, 2020– LSAC is hopeful that this will still be the date for the April test.

5:51 – Mizzou vs. American

Anonymous is feeling the presh. She’s been accepted to the University of Missouri with a full-ride scholarship (way to go anon!), but she’s feeling the pull of D.C. She’s wondering if she’d be better off at American, which would leave her in considerable debt. In D.C. she might have access to a bigger, better network…maybe?...and American has a cool lineup of outside speakers set to address law students throughout the year. The guys weigh in and offer some advice to anon.

15:18 – LSAT Demon Update: Introducing Demon Live

Faithful listeners will know that Ben and Nathan already offer everything a 1L hopeful needs to get ready for the test in the LSAT Demon. The Demon is an online AI LSAT prep tool that serves you LSAT questions based on your skill level. The Demon learns from your answers and helps you focus on your biggest areas of opportunity. It also has hundreds of written and video explanations from the guys to help you understand why you erred on any given question. But now, Ben and Nathan are launching a new tier of the LSAT Demon—Demon Live—which offers live online instruction every day of the week. Here’s what you need to know:

DEMON: $95/mo.

  • Tests 1-60
  • Smart drilling
  • Timed sections and tests
  • Weekly office hours with Nathan and Ben


  • Everything the Demon offers and
  • Tests 61-89
  • Live proctored exams
  • A video LSAT course
  • Live help sessions

DEMON LIVE: $295/mo. (New!)

  • Everything Demon Premium offers and
  • Live online timed sections and tests, plus review
  • Live online lessons
  • Live events with Nathan, Ben, and TAs every day of the week

32:35 – Staying Sharp until Test Day

Anon has been banking some pretty high practice test scores, including a 180 on their most recent practice test. But now that the March test has been cancelled, and now that April is looking less likely by the day, Anon wants to know how they can keep their skills sharp. Ben and Nathan suggest that once you’ve built up your skills, they’re probably not going to slip away anytime soon, but that weekly tests or timed sections with review will help you stay in “test mode.” But if you start feeling burnt out? Just step away – your skills aren’t going anywhere.

36:16 – Prepping when your Test is Cancelled

It’s looking as though the April LSAT may be cancelled. And Emily wants to know wtf do we do now? She asks if study habits should change. The guys agree that the answer is no. There’s no magic eight ball that can tell you what will happen with your LSAT score—just answer questions, get them wrong, learn from your mistakes, and answer more questions. Do timed sections. Do deep review. You’ll see improvement and you’ll be set up to do your best on test day, whenever that happens to be.

43:25 – How to Drill to Improve your Weaknesses

David asks the guys what types of questions you can drill to help you improve on weaknesses. Ben recommends against drilling a single question type and suggests that drilling 2-3 question types at a time can help distinguish between question types. Here are a few sets the guys recommend:

  • Necessary assumption + sufficient assumption
  • Must be true + supported/strengthen
  • Flaw + weaken
  • Reasoning + role + flaw
  • Strengthen + weaken

46:49 – LSAT Demon Live Schedule

Pascale wants to know how he can see the entire schedule of live classes in the LSAT Demon. Here’s what you do:

  • Log into your LSAT Demon account
  • Click “Lessons”
  • Click “Events”

Under “Events,” you’ll see links to several Google Calendars. Eventually, this information will be on the LSAT Demon homepage, but for now, subscribe to those calendars!

47:45 – LSAT Demon Clarification

A listener asks and Nathan clarifies how different Demon subscription levels are changing.

48:33 – Demon Live Review

A friendly anonymous user writes in to share their first experiences with the LSAT Demon Live. Nathan and Ben discuss how it has affected their experience teaching the test.

51:21 – Pearls vs. Turds

The logic games are notorious for being real tough for most folks who are just starting to study for the test. LG sections are also the ones that you can count on for 100% accuracy if you can get great at them. Anonymous writes in with a 5-step plan for improving accuracy and getting faster at games. Nathan reduces the five steps down to a single step and the guys give anon a tie. The pro tip? Work at games. Do a lot of them. If you struggle with one, do it again, and deeply understand why you got it wrong. By doing this over and over, speed will come!

1:06:00 – Un-cancelling your Score

Ben and Nathan take a look at a recent policy update from LSAC. Turns out, if you were registered for the March or April 2020 LSAT, LSAC will give you the opportunity to un-cancel your highest cancelled score so that you can apply for law school this year. The guys agree this doesn’t pass the smell test, but go over the details of the unprecedented policy and make some recommendations if you get the chance to restore a cancelled score.

1:11:42 – COVID-19 Projections

Ben’s dad shares some COVID-19 projections coming out of the University of Washington. The study shows when different states will experience their “peak” infection rate. The guys discuss what this means for the LSAT, but also urge you, dear listeners, to do you part! Stay inside and help flatten the curve.

Check out the study here.

1:20:06 – Taking a Gap Year

Glenn plans to take a sweet, sweet gap year after undergrad. But he wants to know: should he take the LSAT in his senior year, or wait until the end of his gap year? Nathan and Ben agree that Glenn needs to harness that undergrad momentum, study up, and take the LSAT senior year. Tune in to hear the reasons why.