In the Trenches with LSAT-Flex (Ep. 243)

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As the pandemic drags on, Nathan, Ben, and all y’all studying for the LSAT are getting used to a new normal. Social distancing. Remote classes. And trying to improve LR during a global health crisis. The guys field questions from folks studying in this brave new world. How do you prepare for the test if you’re an essential worker? What do you do if you can’t focus on ordering games because the world is going to hell? And what should you do if you’re just starting on your LSAT journey? Plus, the guys hear from students who are getting cold feet about going to law school, and others who are getting great promo codes in these fraught times.  

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Important Dates

4.27.2020 – Choose your time slot day for the May LSAT-Flex

5.18.2020 – This is the week of the LSAT-Flex

6.05.2020 – LSAT-Flex scores are released

6.08.2020 – Get out the sunblock, it’s the first LSAT of the summer!

7:08 – Re: LSAT-Flex

All y’all with boots on the ground are shedding light on the all-new LSAT-Flex—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Brittany forwards an email from LSAC that seems to indicate that LSAT-Flex is a truncated version of the tests due to costs of the 3rd-party proctoring service LSAC is using to administer the spring LSAT. Plus, Ana shares the frustrations of working through LSAC’s weekday (and unreliable) schedule for test signups and administration. 

13:35 – Where to Start When You’re New to the LSAT

Andres is just starting his LSAT journey, and he wants to make sure he starts off on the right foot. He asks the guys about a regular study routine. Nathan and Ben point out that the best way to get started is to just start doing the LSAT. Answer questions. Get them right and wrong. Understand what happened. And the best way to do that with teachers helping you along the way? It’s the LSAT Demon Live, which gives you live instruction as you need it every day of the week.

18:17 – Pearls vs. Turds

Have you ever wondered how you can improve your reading comprehension, not just for the test, but in general? Annika has started reading books about reading comprehension, which recommend visualization techniques to help you master reading material. She’s also using the app, Elevate, to give herself a brain boost. She asks the guys if using these tools could be considered a pearl of wisdom. But the guys agree that without more info, they can’t really weigh in. Plus, they say the best way to improve in RC, is to do more RC.

29:54 – Thinking LSAT Success Story

David’s been listening to the show for nearly a year. And in that time, he took the guys’ advice, he took the LSAT twice and applied to his top choice. David put a 170 on the board on his third attempt and received scholarship offers from Columbia, NYU and U Chicago. But he ended up taking a full ride to the University of Virginia. Pretty rad! Congratulations David! He writes in to tell the guys this story and thank them for the pearls of wisdom.

33:33 – LSAT Study During A Pandemic

The global pandemic is affecting people in different ways. And one of those ways? People are getting stressed. They’re having a hard time focusing. And they’re generally overwhelmed by the sudden shift in lifestyle and imminent danger outside their door. Such is the case with Anon. And she’s finding it tough to focus on LSAT study. She asks the guys for some advice on how to get prepped for the June LSAT considering everything else that’s happening. Nathan and Ben oblige. But the pro tip? Assess the situation and do what’s best for you! This doesn’t have to be the time that you go to law school. Your first priority should be to take care of yourself! But if you have an hour a day to focus on the LSAT, you will see improvement. The guys also muse on how life will change after COVID-19.  

50:37 – Study Practices for Essential Workers

Scotty is an essential worker, and it’s tough for him to find the time to study for the LSAT. He doesn’t have much more than 45 minutes to study for the test each day. He asks the guys “what’s the best use for this time?” Ben and Nathan suggest the usual: drill questions in the Demon, do 35 minute sections. If you can stretch those 45 minutes to an hour? Do it. You’ll be able to review your sections and make much more progress.

57:09 – On The Fence About Law School

Jen’s been accepted to a handful of law schools—with full-ride scholarships to boot. And happily, her seat deposit deadline is delayed because Jen’s having second thoughts about law school. After listening to the show, interviewing lawyers, and reading up on what life is like as a lawyer, she’s not so sure it’s the life for her. Still, she’s feeling the pressure to get a graduate degree as she prepares to enter what could be a tough job market. The guys agree that Jen should absolutely not jump at the chance to go to law school if this is how she feels. They recommend working as law-adjacent as possible to give her a sense of what being a lawyer is like—then make, or don’t make, the plunge.