LSAT Tips of a Certain Nature (Ep. 250)

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From fan art to cannon fire, Ben and Nathan kick off the summer—and their 250th episode—with a bang. The guys talk about the benefits of showing up week after week and some of the challenges they faced in creating the show and their businesses along the way. Then they hit the ground running with some news about the LSAT-Flex. They also consider some good ol’ fashioned LSAT advice coming out of Florida Coastal School of Law, they hear from a listener who got inspired by a previous episode, and they chop up another listener’s personal statement. Plus, Nathan and Ben dive into an LR question from practice test 65.

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Important Dates

Sun. 6/14 June LSAT-Flex testing week starts

Tues. 6/30 tentative June LSAT-Flex score release date

Sun. 7/12 July LSAT-Flex testing week starts

Sun. 7/15 August LSAT registration deadline

8:31 – LSAT PSA Time: Tablets and Testing Limits

Nathan and Ben kick off the show with a few PSAs regarding the LSAT-Flex. First up? Let’s say you’re scheduled to take an upcoming LSAT-Flex but you’re all like “well wtf am I even going to take the test on?! I don’t have a computer or anything else!” Breathe. Release your worry. LSAC is doing its best to accommodate test-takers who don’t have the technology required to take the LSAT-Flex. The organization will simply reach into their vault filled with an enormous mound of Microsoft Go tablets and they will send you one.

Separately, the guys spread the news that the LSAT-Flex does NOT count towards normal LSAT testing limits. So if you take an LSAT-Flex and it doesn’t go well? It doesn’t affect the number of tests you’re able to take in a cycle or lifetime.

13:53 – Pearls vs. Turds

Y’all can thank your lucky stars. Your prayers for “tips and tricks” to help you improve on the LSAT have finally been answered by none other than Florida Coastal School of Law. The only thing is…you might not want to listen to what they have to say. The guys weigh the advice presented in the first of a series of emails sent by FCSL. According to their admissions team, if you’re feeling stumped by a question on the test? Blow by the f*ckin thing! Just head on to the next *harder* question and then circle back later on. The guys think it sounds like a recipe for disaster and they explain why.

25:18 – Lil’ Bit Of Fan Art

Vicky writes in to thank the guys for their LSAT advice and share some fan art inspired by the show. In episode 243, Nathan used the oft-heard expression, “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” The adage struck a chord with Vicky, who created a piece of artwork inspired by the phrase. The guys discuss the meaning behind the phrase and tell Vicky she should consider a career in art over a career in law.  

31:09 – PT 65 Section 4 Q2

Ben and Nathan dive into a very apropos LR question from prep test 65 about political columnists. The guys read through the stimulus and then walk through each answer choice and discuss how they think about this necessary assumption question.

49:54 – Personal Statement Review

West Point grad and combat veteran Mike writes in to ask the guys to critique his personal statement. The essay spans Mike’s exciting and distinguished career in active duty and in military academia. But Nathan and Ben pull no punches as they read through and smash up Mike’s writing so it can be reconstructed into a shiny new statement that will make admissions staffers swoon.