143 to 173 with Santi Del Campo (Ep. 267)

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When Santi Del Campo started studying for the LSAT from Spain, he was scoring in the 140s. But after studying with the Thinking LSAT team, he smashed out a 173 on the test. Now he’s helping other students with the LSAT in the LSAT Demon. The guys talk to Santi about his LSAT journey and what his classes are like in the Demon. Nathan and Ben also offer some advice to a student who’s taking the test as a non-native English speaker, they hear from a student who wants to know about scholarship opportunities for folks with low GPAs, and they dive into a listener’s personal statement.

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Important Dates

11.07.2020 – Break out the long sleeves, it’s the November LSAT-Flex testing week

12.02.2020 – It’s the last day to register for the January LSAT

10:12 – Interview with Santi Del Campo

Ben and Nathan sit down with Demon Live instructor Santi Del Campo to talk about Santi’s LSAT journey. Santi has been working and studying in Spain. He started with a score in the 140s and worked his way up—with the help of the Demon—to a final official score of 173. Santi talks about what led him to take the LSAT, how his score changed how he’s applying, and what it’s like teaching Demon Live classes.

26:37 – LSAT Advice for a Non-Native English Speaker

J’s been spending a good part of the year studying for the LSAT. And after his August test, he’s sitting with a 155 on record. But J is hoping for a 165. He just started studying with the LSAT Demon, but he wants to know if the guys have any advice for him as a non-native English speaker who struggles with LR and RC. Nathan and Ben weigh in.

35:58 – Scholarships and Low GPAs

Julia is taking the Thinking LSAT mantra to heart—she is going to try her damnedest to not pay for law school. But there’s a sizeable hurdle in her path. She’s working with a 2.9 GPA even though she’s shooting for a score in the mid 160s. Recently, Julia put her information into the LSAT Demon Scholarship Estimator and didn’t find one school (according to the estimator) that was likely to give her even a partial scholarship. She asks the guys if she’s a lost cause when it comes to scholarships. The guys are quick to point out that the estimator only includes a handful of schools at this point—possibly the top 50-60—and that if Julia can push her LSAT higher she’ll certainly have scholarship options out there.

46:40 – Kevin’s Personal Statement

Over the past few months, Kevin has sent multiple versions of his personal statement into the show, but it’s taken a bit for the guys to review it. And that’s pretty great! Thanks for continuing to refine your essay, Kevin. Nathan and Ben dive into Kevin’s statement about starting an NGO. It’s pretty good, but the guys offer some suggestions about how to make it even more badass.