The Lawyer Sorting Hat (Ep. 270)

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It’s that time of year again when 1L hopefuls are getting their sh*t together and applying to law school. But you might be wondering, “what do I even want to learn when I get in?” If that’s you, you’re not alone! After all, the law can be…mysterious…and it can be hard to know what career paths are open to you. Well, dear listeners, never fear! LSAC has an online quiz that can help you understand just what kind of lawyer you could be. Nathan and Ben take the quiz and let you know what they think of the results. Plus, the guys talk about what to do in the days leading up to taking the LSAT-Flex, they talk “technical cancellations,” they assess some Instagram LSAT wisdom, offer advice to a splitter, and answer an LR question from practice test 65.

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Important Dates

11.07.2020 – Break out the long sleeves, it’s the November LSAT-Flex testing week

12.02.2020 – It’s the last day to register for the January LSAT

01.06.2021 – It’s the last day to register for the February LSAT

01.16.2021 – Bundle up and hunker down! It’s the January LSAT

02.20.2021 – Hearts-for-eyes for days—it’s the February LSAT

4:44 – LSAT Flex Study Tips

M has been listening to some of ye olde back catalog of the pod. She’s heard the guys give advice on what to do leading up to an in-person administration of the test. Things like chilling the eff out, thinking of the LSAT like a practice exam, and not even studying the day before the test. But M wants to know…what about the LSAT Flex? Does the advice differ? The guys agree—no. The pro tip is that the week of the test, you need to declare victory over the LSAT, chill out, relax, and go into the test planning to land somewhere in the average of your practice tests. The guys do offer some advice unique to the LSAT Flex—namely around things that are available to students now, like the Score Preview service from LSAC.

The guys go on to read an email from a listener who had a nightmarish experience during their remotely proctored LSAT Flex, which resulted in a move from LSAC that surprises Ben and Nathan.

23:11 – Pearls vs. Turds

Jenny’s been scouring the internet for more keys to the LSAT kingdom. She’s gleaning as much as she can from the Instagram accounts of LSAT tutors across the web. One of the pieces of wisdom Jenny has come across is to achieve your goal score untimed before anything else. The guys almost immediately deem this advice a turd. You gotta practice like you’re gonna play, Jenny. Drilling question types is a way to sharpen your skills—and that can be untimed. But if you’re taking a test for a score—even a practice test—you should do it timed, so you have an honest assessment of how you’ll perform. Nathan and Ben also weigh another piece of advice about application strategy and when you should apply depending on your score.

47:42 – LSAC Legal-Career Quiz

The time to apply to law school is nigh! And Erin is thinking a lot about her law career to be. Naturally, she’s wondering what kind of law would even be fucking interesting enough…at all…to study? Well after a few quick Google searches, Erin stumbled across a quiz that will help you understand what kind of law you might want to practice! And the quiz is curated by none other than our friends at LSAC. The guys each take the quiz on-air and learn what type of lawyers they could’ve been.

1:10:30 – Scholarship and Thanks

Longtime listener, R, just nabbed a 173 on the July LSAT-Flex (nice work, R!). But his UGPA of 3.73 is keeping the top 14 schools just out of sight—especially if he’s hoping for a scholarship. He asks the guys if there’s any hope for him. Nathan and Ben discuss R’s chances and suggest that if he can score higher, he can always bolster his chances by eeking out a score closer to 180.

1:18:26 – LR Question 10 from Practice Test 65

The guys take a crack at a paradox question from PT65 and take you, dear listeners, along for the ride. Not only will you learn how to approach this question, you’ll learn a little something about fat content in your diets, too!