Networking During a Pandemic with Rachel Gezerseh (Ep. 271)

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The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges to college students, 1Ls and lawyers-to-be around the world. But where one door closes…another opens, dear listeners. Rachel Gezerseh (Panish, Shea and Boyle, LLP) is back on the pod to talk about how you can and should be networking for your legal career even though you can’t grab coffee or meet up with lawyers in person. Ben and Nathan also talk about the effectiveness of a JD MBA, they consider whether an MA certificate program will help your chances of getting into a good law school, they weigh some advice about personal statements from a pre-law advisor, and they offer advice to someone who just jumped from the 130s to the 150s. Plus, the guys answer LR question 11 from prep test 65.

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Important Dates

12.02.2020 – It’s the last day to register for the January LSAT

01.06.2021 – It’s the last day to register for the February LSAT

01.16.2021 – Bundle up and hunker down! It’s the January LSAT

02.20.2021 – Hearts-for-eyes for days—it’s the February LSAT

5:52 – Networking In the Time of COVID-19 with Rachel Gezerseh

Personal injury lawyer and author of The Law Career Playbook, Rachel Gezerseh joins the guys to discuss one of her favorite topics: networking. As a writer and mentor, Rachel wants new lawyers and lawyers-to-be to understand the power of building a personal network. Reach out to lawyers on LinkedIn, engage professors outside of class, make lasting connections with your classmates—all of these relationships stand to give you a leg up when it comes to your legal career. Ben and Nathan talk to Rachel about how networking has changed during the pandemic and Rachel offers some advice about how you can lay the foundation of your legal career from home.

Rachel’s Website – Breaking Into Big Law

The Law Career Playbook

Thinking LSAT Episode 178: The Law Career Playbook with Rachel Gezerseh

Thinking LSAT Episode 196: JD-MBAs with Rachel Gezerseh

24:35 –JD? MBA? JD MBA?!

L has been working hard to prepare for the LSAT and just nabbed a 164 on the LSAT Flex. Nice work, L! As they’re looking ahead to their law career, L is wondering if a JD MBA will help break into big law, even though they may be headed to a lower-ranked school. The guys agree—as they’ve mentioned a bunch on the show before—it’s JD or bust. JD MBAs are a waste of time, and it’s debatable whether an MBA is useful at all! Instead, get Rachel Gezerseh’s book, work hard in law school, and make connections with lawyers who work in big law.

33:55 – Grad School Extra Credit

A was heading towards a life as a Communication professor. But after spending some time in a Rhetorical Communication MA program, they decided they wanted to go to law school instead. “But wait!” said one of A’s professors. “Even though you’ve quit this MA program, you could still get a shiny Rhetorical Leadership certificate!” The offer is enticing to A. It’s kind of like when, in a cartoon, a hot pie is placed in a window, and then the scent of the pie turns into a steamy, ghostly hand that seduces characters toward the tasty pie. A wants to know if something like this certificate is going to be a boon for their resume. The guys weigh in.

44:23 – Pearls vs. Turds

In this week’s pearls vs. turds Olivia is swimming some dangerous waters. She’s getting advice from…duh duH DUHHH!!!...a pre-law advisor. Now, long-time listeners of the show will note that so-called pre-law advisors rarely have sound advice to offer their pre-law students. And in Olivia’s case, this is no exception. Her pre-law advisor suggests that law schools are looking for a personal statement in which you express your passion for law school and your drive. The guys chuckle and say “oh pre-law advisors…sweet, sweet pre-law advisors.” Then they serve up all the reasons why this isn’t the best advice when it comes to your personal statement.

1:00:55 – LSAT Score-Improvement Ceiling?

Score Curious started with a 137. To be sure, this is a tough starting point. But after some focus and hard work, they jumped up to a 154. That’s a pretty big step. But now SC wants to know if they can expect to jump up another 10 points. Is it realistic? Nathan and Ben agree that if SC made it this far, they can probably make it even further. In fact, they say that SC should conder their 150s score a new starting point and go from there. Not everyone will be able to score in the 160s, but the guys note that 30-point improvements do happen in the Demon.

1:15:15 – LR Question

Ben and Nathan slice and dice a flaw question for prep test 65. Now you, too, can learn some helpful tips about city ordinances, lawn sizes, and the best place to rent.