Don't Talk to the Cops (Ep. 275)

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It’s the time of year when students are visiting college campuses, sending in their admissions packets, and talking to law school admissions staffers. But in the world of the pandemic, fewer on-campus visits are taking place. Now, these Q and A sessions are taking the place where everything else in the world is taking place. On Zoom. The guys discuss a current law school trend—admissions officers offering one-on-one Zoom pre-application discussions for curious students. They also take a look at some personal statement advice from Nebraska Law, Ben tackles a brain teaser, Nathan touts the benefits of video games, and the guys slice and dice an LR question from prep test 65. Plus, you’ll hear from a student who’s not paying for law school in 2021.

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8:30 - Law School Pre-Application Zoom Meetings

E points out that there’s a new trend in the law school admissions game; admissions officers are offering one-on-one Zoom sessions for prospective students. If a potential applicant is interested in a school, a rep from that school will happily set up a Zoom call to discuss their application to help “make it stronger.” E wants to know if this is a good idea. Nathan and Ben agree that this isn’t a bad idea—it’s always helpful to get some feedback about your application and get a better understanding of what schools are looking for. BUT—and this is a serious but—don’t do this with schools you’re actually interested in attending. Remember that admissions staffers are salespeople who are trying to get you to apply to (and pay to attend) their institutions. If you’re going to do Zoom meets with admissions staffers, make it with schools you’re not actually planning to apply to. That way, you get the experience of talking to a staffer, you get some insights about your applications, and you don’t divulge too much info to insiders at schools you’re truly interested in.

18:05 – Pearls vs. Turds

The guys take a look at a missive from the Nebraska Law admissions office to determine whether there’s an ounce of good advice to be gleaned. The email’s subject is “Your personal statement,” and the note goes on to offer five pieces of advice for polishing your personal essay. The guys take a look at each point and break down just why most of this is rather turdly advice.  

37:03 – Soda-Pop Brain Teaser

You’ve all been studying hard for the LSAT, reading this logic puzzle and that poorly written RC passage. Why don’t you take a break from that shit and curl up with a little brain buster to work your mind in other ways? Nathan presents Ben with a puzzle about 12 oz. soda cans that Ben deftly solves.

44:02 – Don’t F*cking Pay For Law School – GW Edition

A former Demon Subscriber and Strategy Prep student writes in with an LSAT success story. After a diagnostic of 148 last year, Anon climbed to a 163 after just three months of prep. Then, a few months later they subscribed to the Demon and boosted their on-record score to 169. Now they’ve been accepted to GW on a full scholarship and they’re still waiting to hear from four more schools. Way to go, anon!

47:20 – Hills To Die On

It’s your (sometimes) weekly segment, Hills To Die On, in which Nathan and Ben talk about sometimes unpopular stances where they’re willing to stand their ground. This week? Nathan argues that video games help make kids smarter.

55:06 – LR Question 13, Section 4, PT 65

The guys slice and dice the next LR question from Prep Test 65. This necessary assumption question has Ben and Nathan discussing what a school district can do to boost performance. They break down their process for solving the question and take you along every step of the way.