LSAT Prep Pearls (Ep. 277)

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Sometimes the best advice comes from where you least expect it. The guys take a look at an email from a UPenn computer science program and find a gold mine of advice. They read through the email and discuss each of its 13 pieces of advice. The guys also hear from an LSAT Demon confrontation at…Target, and they offer some advice to someone who’s wondering how they should switch up study habits in the home stretch toward the January LSAT. Plus, the guys consider the link between the LSAT and nutrition, they hear from a happy Demon subscriber who’s headed to Georgetown Law fuh FREE, and they chop up a listener’s personal statement.  

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6:27 – Pearls vs. Turds

A-Dot, one of the Thinking LSAT producers, recently received an onboarding email from a UPenn computer science graduate program she’s starting in 2021. Opening the email was like opening the Pulp Fiction briefcase; its contents included a veritable string of precious pearls o’ wisdom. Tune in to hear the guys read through golden nugget after golden nugget of great advice, agreeing with nearly every point. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that this came from a computer science program instead of the law school ;)  

40:42 – LSAT Demon Encounter At Tarjet

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Strolling through a department store, perusing the aisles for the latest gadgets or home furnishings or fast fashion apparel—when all of the sudden a stranger approaches you with some unsolicited remark or advice. Something about the weather or the latest political news, or even about your appearance. It’s almost always a terrible interaction, but it usually makes for a fun story later on. That’s just what happened to one of your fellow listeners. She’s five months pregnant and was picking up some things at Target wearing her LSAT Demon “Praise the Demon” t-shirt when a woman approached her, saying “You really shouldn’t expose your future baby to Satan.” Listen in to find out what went down in the Target checkout line thereafter.

42:58 – Short Term LSAT Study Strategy

Sean’s been prepping like crazy for the January LSAT. He’s been trying to live by the guys’ LSAT advice! In fact, he’s ratcheted up his study beyond what the guys recommend, taking two full practice tests per week and otherwise doing two practice sections a day. Now that the exam is nigh, he wants to know if he should change up any of his study habits for an even stronger showing in January. The guys agree that it sounds like Sean may be overdoing it. Leading up to the test you shouldn’t really need to adjust your study plan. For Sean the guys recommend de-intensifying his current routine and shift to more drilling in the Demon and deep review. In the days leading up to the LSAT, declare victory over the test, wind down, and approach the test relaxed and well rested on testing day.

46:50 – The Nutrition-LSAT Connection

Preachy McPreachface is doing all the things. Keto diet, intermittent fasting, no booze, regular exercise, and consistent sleep. And as a result? He’s seen a lot of improvement in his LSAT study. Preachy’s here to spread the good word—making lifestyle changes can be a boon for your LSAT study. Ben and Nathan agree that lifestyle changes can absolutely help you improve your LSAT score, but that you need to approach these decisions with the same healthy skepticism you have in approaching the LSAT. For example, Ben was pretty into the Keto diet until he read Mastering Diabetes and realized that while Keto has some benefits, it may not be the best long-term decision for your health. Nathan points out that lifestyle changes in one area means it will have impacts across…your lifestyle…and that may come with unintended mental health consequences. For example, strict intermittent fasting may mean less time spent with friends, eating or drinking socially, which…could suck. The guys agree that reducing or removing booze, especially while you’re prepping for the test can be really helpful. If you’re interested in putting the bottle away for a while, consider We Are The Luckiest by Laura McKowen or check out Home podcast with Laura McKowen and Holly Whitaker.  

58:05 – 173 LSAT Score, Georgetown, and Me

Mike drops a pretty flattering review for the Thinking LSAT and LSAT Demon teams. When Mike started studying, he kicked off with a diagnostic of 160. Then he dove into some of the big name LSAT prep books out there. And guess what? The more he went by the books, the more his score hovered in the mid and low 150s. After finding the podcast, and just by taking the advice of Nathan and Ben from the show, he saw his score bump up into the 160s. Then he turned to the Demon. After a little over a month of consistent study, he saw his LSAT score jump to 177 and scored a 166 on an LSAT-Flex in July 2020. Knowing that his practice scores indicated he could do better, Mike kept drilling in the Demon and eventually knocked out successive 171 and 173 LSAT scores on his next two tests. Now Mike’s going to Georgetown Law with a full ride scholarship after having been accepted to Harvard, Columbia, and UChicago. Talk about an LSAT dream come true! Congrats, Mike, and thanks for the awesome review!

1:08:13 – V’s Personal Statement

It’s that time again! Someone who’s hungry for feedback (and maybe a glutton for punishment?) has sent in their personal statement for a crit with Ben and Nathan. Today, V shares their essay about reducing a ton of plastic waste in their workplace—which is frickin’ awesome. The guys walk through V’s personal statement line by line and shred it to pieces.