Existential Quantifiers Crisis (Ep. 278)

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Some. Most. Sufficient Assumption. Inference. The LSAT is full of jargon. Some of it useful, and some of it…not so much. What makes matters worse is that many LSAT prep companies confuse students’ understanding by building unnecessary complexities into the study process. In this episode, the guys hear from a listener who just can’t quite understand “existential quantifiers,” hard as he may try. The thing is: the guys have no idea what “existential quantifiers” even means—especially not in the context of the LSAT. Nathan and Ben do their best to bring clarity to this confused 1L hopeful. Plus Nathan advocates for doing more inquiring and less note taking, the guys hear about a life-changing 20-point improvement, and they offer up a PSA about talking and LSAT-ing.  

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9:21 – PSA: You Can’t Read Aloud On The LSAT

Kicking off the show, Nathan and Ben want to remind you of an LSAT essential: you cannot read out loud while taking the LSAT. What if you had some LSAT genius standing behind your laptop monitor, or crouching under your desk, waiting for you to read the questions aloud so they could help you ace the test. Just what then?! I’ll tell you what then. The LSAT-Flex proctor will shut your scheme the eff down.

The guys talk about the many reasons why reading out loud is a faux pas when it comes to taking the LSAT. But they also explore some ways you might be able to get away with it.

15:17 – Hills To Die On

Ben and Nathan go head to head over this week’s “Hill’s To Die On.” In this HTDO, Nathan suggests that y’all need to stop taking notes. Period. No notes, y’all. Nathan says that taking notes doesn’t actually make the information sink in. In fact, it may distract you from actually learning something. Ben agrees—in part—but offers up a few thoughts of his own about taking notes.

30:04 – Some vs. Most

A listener writes in with something that’s been stumping him for a hot minute. Anon’s been having a tough time with LR arguments that try to confuse you with the difference between “some” and “most.” But his note into Thinking LSAT suggests that he’s been drinking the wrong Kool-Aid; he’s having a hard time with “existential quantifiers.” The guys don’t even know what the hell this means, but they let anon know where he’s gone off the path of pearls, and give an exhaustive explanation of Some vs. Most.

51:59 – 21 Point Improvement

In better news, Ben and Nathan hear from one of Nathan’s former students, David. After an initial diagnostic of 151, David (an active duty Marine) spent nearly a studying for the test. He used the Demon and took every test from 50-89 and then drilled nearly every question from 1-49. David ended up with a 172 this November—that’s a life-changing improvement. David shares his success story from his past year of study and the guys discuss what it will mean for David’s legal career.