Doing the LSAT Backwards…and Other Dumb Ideas (Ep. 291)

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The Thinking LSAT mailbag is filled to the brim, so the guys sit down for a bonus episode of answering questions from our dear listeners. They weigh some LSAT wisdom from a particularly misguided guidance counselor, they hear an excuse of the week from a surprisingly self-aware student, they help a “non-traditional” candidate with an addendum (and chronic sleep apnea), and they hear some success stories about students heading to law school for free. Plus, they offer some advice to a college sophomore who wants to know how to start prepping for the LSAT early—because they’re positively, definitely, for sure, dead set on a career in the law.

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Important Dates

04.10.2021 – The April LSAT Flex testing week begins!

06.12.2021 – Break out the short sleeves, registration for the June LSAT is open!