Harvard 2L Melissa Anderson—154 to 171 (Ep. 328)

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Today on the show, the guys are joined by former LSAT Demon student and current Harvard 2L, Melissa Anderson. Tune in to hear Melissa chat about boosting her score by 17 points, applying to law school as a “splitter,” and adjusting to student life at Harvard.

Plus, Ben and Nathan discuss the benefits of meditation and methods for improving productivity. They answer questions from a prospective Demon student—and debunk the need for cookie-cutter study schedules and timelines. Finally, they update the Spotify Wrapped leaderboard and award a gold medal to Thinking LSAT’s top fan of 2021.

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14:50 - Interview with a Harvard 2L

Ben and Nathan interview Harvard Law student Melissa Anderson. Melissa is a West Point grad, an Army Captain, and an all-around badass who has spent three years working in the Artillery Brigade at Fort Bragg. Melissa and the guys discuss how she raised her LSAT score 17 points using the Demon—and how her high LSAT plus impressive work experience helped to overshadow a less-than-stellar undergraduate GPA.

Connect with Melissa on LinkedIn.

1:08:45 - GRE Correction

Quick correction to last week’s segment on the GRE being used in law school admissions. Friend of the show Jon-Yin informs us that U.S. News will take GRE scores into account when ranking law schools. Nathan also shares an important note from the Harvard app: “Applicants may not choose which results they will share.” So if you mess around and take the GRE just to see how you do, you’ll have to report that score.

1:14:00 - Recommended Study Schedule

A prospective LSAT Demon student writes in with some questions about subscription levels, how to set up a study schedule, and whether they should take a cold diagnostic test. Ben and Nathan want to ensure that students don’t overthink their LSAT study process. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all study schedule. Students start at different levels and learn at different paces. The Demon is programmed to give you questions at your skill level and automatically increase in difficulty as you improve. If you aren’t sure where to start, just open the Demon and do one question at a time using the drill feature.

1:33:08 - Spotify Wrapped

Update to the Spotify Wrapped leaderboard: The gold medal for most time spent listening to the podcast in 2021 now goes to Demon student Spencer, with a grand total of 6,200 minutes! The runners up are Fran, with 5,943 minutes, and BG, with 5,934 minutes. If any superfans out there can beat Spencer’s record, send your Spotify Wrapped screenshot to help@thinkinglsat.com.