Build on a Solid Foundation (Ep. 331)

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This week, Ben and Nathan drive home the importance of building a strong LSAT foundation. Even students who think they already have a decent understanding of the test can improve their performance by mastering the easier questions at a comfortable pace. Then, after reading a listener email about testing accommodations, the guys discuss what factors students ought to consider before seeking accommodations. They also share an update on the LSAT Demon Scholarship Estimator and wrap up the episode with another logical reasoning question from Prep Test 73.

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12.29.2021 — February LSAT Registration Deadline

1.15.2022 — January LSAT

2.2.2022 — January LSAT Score Release

2.3.2022 — March LSAT Registration Deadline

2.12.2022 — February LSAT

3.3.2022 — February LSAT Score Release

15:19 - Accommodations on the LSAT

Listener Chris follows up on his questions about testing accommodations for ADHD (originally discussed in episode 326). Nathan and Ben share more of their thoughts on LSAT accommodations and who should apply for them. If you have a legitimate diagnosis that entitles you to accommodations, they encourage you to ask for them. But if you’re just looking for a shortcut to a higher score, you might want to consider whether you have the work ethic to be a lawyer.

28:01 - Apple Podcasts Gold Medal

Listener Al doesn’t use Spotify, but his Apple Podcast data show that he listened to the podcast for 20,398 minutes, which equates to about 14 days of listening, in 2021. Al definitely takes the gold medal. If any other superfans out there can beat Al’s record, email

33:43 - Scholarship Estimator

LSAT Demon team member Brittany shares an update on the Scholarship Estimator. Several applicants have already shared scholarship offers that are consistent with the Demon’s predictions. If you applied this cycle and received any offers that are dramatically different from what the estimator predicted, please email

36:52 - Test 73, Section 4, Question 1

Ben and Nathan take time to engage with the passage and fully understand what they are reading. This allows them to call out weaknesses in the argument. They explain how this process prepares them to answer any question. It turns out to be a Weaken question. Before looking at the answer choices, they predict the type of fact that would undermine the conclusion. While Nathan can think of a possible objection to answer D, it’s clearly the only answer that weakens the argument. Try this question on LSAT Demon.