Burn Your Boats, and Focus on the Battle Ahead (Ep. 332)

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On today’s episode, Ben and Nathan explain why it’s a good idea to “burn your boats” and go all in on your LSAT prep if you want to start your legal career on the right foot. They respond to listener emails, talk about the difference between US and Canadian law schools, and double down on their advice not to pay for law school in the US. Then, they wrap it up with a logical reasoning question and remind listeners that one word never makes an answer right—but frequently, one word makes an answer wrong.

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5:18 - Veterans Affairs Program

Listener John is a firefighter looking to start a new career as an attorney. He was accepted into a Veterans Affairs program that will cover tuition costs—up to $40K per year—and he’s wondering whether to mention that on his law school application. The guys discuss why John probably ought to keep that information to himself until after he receives scholarship offers. They also ask John some questions to encourage him to think deeper about whether he really wants to switch careers.

12:15 - Burn Your Boats

“B-wildered” already applied to several law schools with a mediocre LSAT score before she discovered the podcast and LSAT Demon. Now a dedicated Demon Live student, she’s determined to get her best LSAT score and not pay for law school. But what happens if one of the schools she already applied to tries to tempt her with a scammership? Nathan and Ben advise B-wildered to withdraw her applications, concentrate on crushing the LSAT, and then reapply next fall. Burn your boats, and focus on the battle ahead!

17:28 - A Shout-Out to the Demon

Long-time listener and Demon Live student Chloe reaches out to thank Ben and Nathan for their straightforward advice. After having tried all other major LSAT prep companies, Chloe says, “LSAT Demon is the best.” She also gives a shout-out to the Demon tutors and says that the Demon makes studying for the LSAT fun. Thanks for the feedback, Chloe!

25:45 - Test 73, Section 4, Question 4

After reading the first sentence, Ben and Nathan discuss common phrases that cue the next sentence to start with a “but.” The author’s conclusion typically follows that “but.” The guys remind listeners to slow down and fully understand the passage before reading the question. Then, make a prediction before reading the answer choices. As they dismiss each wrong answer, the guys point out that one word never makes an answer right, but one word frequently makes an answer wrong. Try this question on LSAT Demon.