Find Your Niche with Judy the YouTube Lawyer (Ep. 344)

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How does a new lawyer find their niche in the legal field? Specializing in an up-and-coming area of the law might sound appealing—space law, anyone?—but it might not be the most practical choice. Today on the show, special guest Judy the YouTube Lawyer sheds light on how and when to choose an area of law to practice in. But first, Ben and Nathan discuss a Logical Reasoning question from PrepTest 73. They respond to listener emails and comment on whether it’s worth going into debt for higher education. And they help a former student decide which law school to attend (hint: follow the money).

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Important Dates

4.27.2022 — June LSAT registration deadline

4.29.2022 — April LSAT begins

5.18.2022 — April LSAT scores released

6.10.2022 — June LSAT begins

1:54 - Test 73, Section 4, Question 8

The passage states a fact about how fluoride enters groundwater: Rain dissolves fluoride-bearing minerals in the soil. (Nathan and Ben note that this may or may not be the only way that fluoride enters groundwater.) When all else is equal, higher fluoride concentrations in groundwater are correlated with higher sodium concentrations in groundwater—another fact. It turns out to be a Supported question. The guys ask themselves what they can safely conclude from the facts presented in the passage and make a prediction. While the correct answer may not be 100% proven, it is the only reasonable conclusion presented in the answer choices. Try this question on your own here, and then listen to Ben and Nathan’s full explanation.

13:25 - Higher Education vs. Entrepreneurship

An anonymous former student and long-time listener checks in to share their story. After taking Nathan and Ben’s advice not to pursue a legal career, Anonymous now works as a graduate assistant while running their own business. Anonymous is happy with their decision and loves being their own boss, but they note that entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. Higher education—including law school—may be the best path for some people. Ben and Nathan agree that higher education serves a purpose, but it’s not worth impoverishing yourself. The cost of a university education has skyrocketed. A hasty decision to take out large student loans can affect you for the rest of your life. The guys encourage listeners to also consider options like community college, trade school, and entrepreneurship. 

32:53 - Choosing a Law School

Former Demon student Jake applied broadly with a 171 LSAT and a 2.97 UGPA. He has received scholarship offers from three law schools so far, and he’d like to attend one that’s likely to place him at a mid-size firm in Salt Lake City after graduation. Ben and Nathan advise Jake to follow the money and go to the school that is offering him a full-ride scholarship plus a stipend.

36:32 - Judy the YouTube Lawyer

Today, Judy the YouTube Lawyer joins Ben and Nathan to answer listener questions about law jobs, the future of the legal field, and areas of law to avoid. Judy recommends finding a field of law that interests you while also considering its practicality. Areas such as family law and criminal defense are likely to always have a steady stream of clientele.