Law School Rankings Are BS (Ep. 362)

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The guys unveil LSAT Demon’s new Law School Rankings page, which charts U.S. News and Above the Law rankings over the years. Spoiler: Rankings are basically worthless for deciding where to go to law school. Plus, Ben and Nathan develop a simple formula for LSAT success, discuss why score “plateaus” don’t actually exist, and give advice on writing addenda.

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1:29 - Law School Rankings

Nathan and Ben discuss the Demon’s Law School Rankings page, which illustrates the extreme variability in law school rankings from year to year. The evidence is clear. Rankings are bullshit.

7:06 - A Formula for LSAT Success

Dr. Joel Furhman says Health = Nutrients / Calories. If nutrition can be reduced to a simple formula, then why can’t the LSAT? Ben proposes a formula: LSAT Success = Clicks / Time.

10:41 - Plateaus Don’t Exist

Can listener Jacob overcome a score plateau, or has he reached his LSAT peak? Nathan and Ben worry he’s looking for an excuse to stop pushing. They discuss why plateaus don’t really exist and how to measure your progress in “clicks” of understanding.

20:24 - Demon Lessons from a Redditor

Ben and Nathan review a Reddit post that summarizes their teachings. They agree with most of it but clarify some points on their world-building approach to Logic Games and on the shortcomings of categorizing Reading Comprehension passages in abstract terms.

38:37 - Get a Job

Listener Pablo wants to move out of his parents’ house and jumpstart his life as an adult. The guys think that’s a bad reason to go to law school. Want to move out? Get a job.

44:31 - The LSAT Is Your Priority

What should listener Jay prioritize during his gap year before law school? Nathan and Ben remind him that he has only one priority: the LSAT. They also recommend The Law Career Playbook, by Rachel Gezerseh, as a guide to networking with lawyers before, during, and after law school.

54:00 - Don’t Chase Fantasies

Ben and Nathan worry that listener Heather’s high school fantasy of what lawyers do has compromised her decision-making. They counsel her to stick to her current successful career.

1:02:28 - Addressing Withdrawals

Thomas crushed the LSAT but worries that two years of withdrawals on his undergraduate transcript will raise eyebrows. The guys discuss how to address the issue in a way that highlights Thomas’s accomplishments.

1:10:08 - Obstacles in Addenda

Alyssa has overcome major obstacles in her life and wonders how to address them tactfully in a GPA addendum or supplemental essay. Nathan and Ben advise her on which details to include.

1:16:14 - Apply Next Cycle

Sheldon’s practice scores are below his goal. Ben and Nathan suggest that he withdraw from the August LSAT and apply next cycle. They suspect his “goal score” is interfering with his performance on the test and remind him to play the game at his own speed.