Score Preview Isn't Worth It (Ep. 363)

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LSAC just made Score Preview available to all test takers. Ben and Nathan discuss the change and why it’s inconsequential. As long as law schools care only about your highest LSAT score, there’s no benefit to canceling. The guys also share advice on how to overcome anxious thoughts on the test, warn listeners against the perils of Netflix binges, discuss the rising number of older student borrowers, and remind everyone to chill out.


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3:37 - Anxious Thoughts

Ben and Nathan discuss common anxieties among test takers and explain how to set aside anxious thoughts by focusing on one question at a time.

17:55 - Netflix Is Winning

Seen any good TV shows lately? If so, Nathan and Ben don’t buy your excuse that you don’t have time to study. The guys discuss Netflix’s intent to hijack your waking—and sleeping—hours.

23:36 - Score Preview Expanded

The guys comment on LSAC’s recent expansion of Score Preview and discuss whether it has any value to test takers.

31:18 - Take a Break

New student Adriana shares her emotional reaction to the Demon’s meditation feature. The guys remind listeners to relax every once in a while.

34:18 - LSAT Study While in School

An anonymous listener asks for advice on whether to pick up a part-time job while finishing school or to focus on the LSAT. Nathan and Ben worry that Anonymous may be rushing the process. They suggest dropping LSAT study for now to focus on grades.

41:43 - Unusual College Degrees

Hanyang wonders if their unusual combination of degrees in piano performance and sports management will help them stand out in law school admissions. Ben and Nathan reiterate that your LSAT score and your undergraduate GPA matter far more than your major. The guys encourage Hanyang to reconsider their plan to pursue a master’s degree before law school.

47:58 - $329K in Debt at Age 91

The guys discuss a recent New Yorker article about a ninety-one-year-old former law student who owes $329,000 in student loans. More student borrowers are aging into their debt, not out of it.

53:49 - Listener Mailbag

Nathan and Ben offer rapid-fire responses to more listener emails. They discuss how to review correctly answered questions. They react to Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast episodes on the LSAT. They advise a listener to fire their terrible LSAT tutor. And they caution applicants against revealing too much to admissions officers.