A More Competitive Cycle? (Ep. 364)

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Ben and Nathan address a myth that rising LSAT scores will make future application cycles more competitive. But first, they kick off a Pearls vs. Turds triple-header with a Bruce Lee quote and consider its applicability to LSAT study. Then, they dive into a mailbag of listener questions on topics ranging from online JDs to offline LSAT study.

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2:15 - A Wise Withdrawal

Listener Owen withdrew from the August test because he knew he wasn’t ready. Nathan and Ben encourage him to keep playing the game the right way.

6:12 - Pearls vs. Turds Triple-Header

The guys review a trifecta of listener submissions. They discuss Bruce Lee’s wise words, Tim Ferriss’s thoughts on goal setting, and another prep company’s tips about scratch paper.

16:03 - Higher Scores, Tougher Competition

Nathan and Ben address concerns that increasing LSAT scores will make future admissions cycles more competitive. The guys remind listeners not to compromise their study over fear of an unknowable future.

22:53 - Comparing Types of Law

Student Francesca asks which types of legal practice are more conducive to a healthy, happy lifestyle. The guys suggest that Francesca network with some real lawyers to find out.

26:17 - Online JDs

Listener Sara asks for advice about online JD programs and “need-based” scholarships. Ben and Nathan advise Sara not to put such restraints on where she applies.

32:09 - Praise the Demon, Disrespect the LSAT

Students Zack and Hugh celebrate their improvements and praise the Demon’s intuitive approach. Ben and Nathan explain why “disrespecting” the LSAT is core to their philosophy.

40:49 - Pursuing Politics

Is listener Alexa crazy to leave her job to pursue a career in politics? Nathan and Ben discuss her path to the elite career she envisions.

50:37 - Improving at Reading Comprehension

The guys respond to an anonymous listener’s request for Reading Comprehension tips and highlight the importance of understanding each sentence in the context of the passage.

55:38 - Less Is More in Addenda

Listener Isabelle has a bunch of excuses for an F on her transcript. The guys explain why she shouldn’t mention any of them in her application.

1:02:33 - Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Listener Katie is late to the game but hopes to apply this cycle after taking the September LSAT. Nathan and Ben implore her to set her sights higher.

1:07:07 - Offline LSAT Study

The guys recommend resources to student Kevin, who’ll be without internet for a month.

1:12:04 - Fundamentals?

An anonymous listener who has been studying since May hasn’t yet taken a full practice test. Ben and Nathan debunk the need to study “fundamentals” before taking a practice test.

1:22:01 - Early-Decision Dilemma

Listener Emma has a dilemma: Applying early decision may be the only way to ensure a decision before her father passes away. Nathan and Ben feel for Emma but still don’t think it’s wise to rush an application.