Let the Scholarship Games Begin (Ep. 366)

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Most law schools have begun accepting applications for fall 2023 admission. Nathan and Ben predict when the first scholarship offers of the cycle will come in (hint: soon) and double down on their advice to apply in September with your best LSAT score—or wait until next year. The guys also help a student trying to break out of a Logical Reasoning slump, consider an accounting student’s possible career paths, and advise listeners to attack arguments on the LSAT. Finally, they debut the “GLAD” guide to law school admissions.

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3:21 - No More Room Scans?

A judge in Ohio decided that room scans before remote-proctored exams are unconstitutional. Does this decision mean the end of ProctorU room scans on the LSAT? Not so fast, Ben and Nathan say.

6:04 - Law School Rankings Game

Listener “Unbound” shares information on Penn State Law’s binding early-decision program. Nathan and Ben uncover some wild scholarship statistics.

19:51 - Escaping an LR Slump

LSAT Demon student Alondra frets over falling Logical Reasoning scores and asks how to get back on track. The guys encourage Alondra to forget about her section scores and to focus on the specific questions she gets wrong.

25:13 - Excuses Are Boring

An anonymous Demon student asks whether their decision to graduate early warrants writing a GPA addendum. Ben and Nathan remind listeners to stick to the facts and to avoid making uncompelling excuses for low grades.

31:02 - Litigate the LSAT

After a month of study, an LSAT Demon student worries she may lack the imagination needed to grasp conditional logic. Nathan and Ben prescribe patience, practice, and precision. Attack arguments on the LSAT as a litigator would in cross-examination.

42:54 - Apply Early

Ben and Nathan contest an admissions consultant’s claim that there’s no benefit to applying in early September. The guys then guess when they’ll see the first scholarship offers of the cycle.

50:17 - Law or Accounting?

Accounting firms want to pay for Demon student James to attend a Masters of Accountancy program. Should he put off law school to pursue this opportunity? The guys encourage James to decide where his career interests lie, then commit to that one path.

59:35 - RC Strategies

Listener Connor struggles with Reading Comprehension in spite of—or perhaps because of—trying several different strategies to improve. Nathan and Ben advise him to forget “strategy” and to focus on understanding one sentence at a time.

1:06:26 - GLAD Guide to Admissions

An anonymous Demon student received an early rejection letter even though they requested that their application be evaluated after the October LSAT. Ben and Nathan advise Anonymous to withdraw remaining applications and to follow their GLAD guide to law school admissions.