Create Your Own Early Decision Program (Ep. 368)

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Savvy listeners who applied early this cycle continue to receive scholarship offers. Today, Ben and Nathan discuss an offer that promises all the benefits of an early-decision program without any of the risk. The guys also discuss the shady history of government-backed student loans, an inventive strategy for ignoring the test timer, and the futility of worrying about yield protection.

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3:57 - We Are Anti Debt

Ben and Nathan recommend a podcast from NPR about the history of government-backed student loans.

11:35 - School Rankings Are Unreliable

Nathan and Ben discuss a recent New York Times article that questions U.S. News and World Report’s ranking methodology. Check out to see just how inconsistent these rankings are from year to year.

16:30 - Another Early Scholarship Offer

An anonymous listener shares news of their scholarship offer from Arizona State University. Ben and Nathan recommend that listeners create their own early-decision programs by applying broadly as soon as applications open.

20:16 - From 151 to 170

Student Brad thanks the LSAT Demon team for helping him score 170 on the August LSAT.

25:49 - Pearls vs. Turds

Ben and Nathan evaluate a novel strategy for hiding the timer on the LSAT.

29:43 - Diversity Statement

The guys counsel an anonymous listener on whether to write a diversity statement.

33:01 - Nested Conditionals

Nathan and Ben advise an anonymous listener to focus on understanding one practice question at a time.

37:05 - Yield Protection

Ben and Nathan reassure listener M that yield protection isn’t as big a deal as many applicants fear.

41:48 - Aim to Exceed Medians

LSAT Demon student Logan is considering retaking the LSAT to meet the median at Harvard and Yale. The guys urge him to set his sights even higher.

46:55 - Pre-Law Societies

Listener Brennan asks about connecting his undergraduate pre-law group with the Demon.

48:54 - LSAC Fee Waiver

An anonymous listener thanks the Demon team for their guidance in appealing LSAC’s fee waiver decision.

51:50 - From 156 to 174

LSAT Demon student Shepard shares his LSAT success story.

53:38 - Test Day Routine

Ben and Nathan advise listener J to stick to their normal routine on test day and not to give the test more power than it deserves.

58:57 - GPA Addendum

Nathan and Ben counsel Demon student Justin to draw attention to his successes in lieu of writing a GPA addendum.

1:03:05 - LSAT Question Types

Demon student Taylor suspects that a better understanding of question types would help them in Logical Reasoning. Ben and Nathan agree, but they don’t recommend lessons as a replacement for actual practice questions.

1:06:56 - Character & Fitness Issues

An anonymous listener with a history of character and fitness issues considers applying next cycle. The guys weigh in.

1:10:47 - Set Your Sights Higher

Listener Jack scored 157 on his diagnostic but hasn’t improved much since then. Nathan and Ben advise him to apply next cycle and to set his sights on the 170s.

1:16:44 - Scholarships for International Students

The guys reassure an anonymous listener that applicants with international degrees are still eligible for scholarships.

1:19:06 - Reviewing Reading Comprehension

Listener Jo asks for advice on how to review Reading Comprehension. Ben and Nathan stress that only one answer is proven by the passage.